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  1. Hi guys, Is there any way of comparing files on a hard drive against files in a media set to see how many of them have been backed up without actually backing them up? I know you could do this in Retrospect 6 but haven't worked out how to do it in 8 yet. Any ideas? Thanks M
  2. That's great, thanks for all your help guys, I must have overlooked the search section in the Restore wizard...d'oh! Thanks again M
  3. Hi, thanks for your response. Those methods are all very well if you know when and where the file was backed up to, if you don't then basically you're stuffed and have to go manually browsing every backup until you find it..... ...is this something that might be addressed in future updates? This is a major flaw as far as I can see. Thanks M
  4. Ah ok, thanks for your help. If it happened again and I had a backup of the config80.dat file, what would I have to do to Restore it? Also is there any way of making it possible to Locate more than one Media Set at a time in the future? That would be really helpful. Also some kind of memory in the Location finder so that you don't have to start from the Root menu each time? Thanks M
  5. Hi there, A few times in the last coupe of weeks Retrospect has demanded that I enter the Licence code when opening. After doing so, the list of Media sets has gone and I have to Re-Locate them. Unfortunately I only seem to be able to add one at a time back into Retrospect and each time I have to open all the folders in the file path to add one media set. Is there an easier way? Is there any way of adding the entire Media Set folder on my hard drive back in to Retrospect? Last time this happened, I painstakingly went through each time and added each set individually, but then next time I opened Retrospect I had to put in the licence code and they all vanished again! Thanks for your help M
  6. Hi there, In Retrospect 6 there was the function to search for files or folders within backup/media sets but I have not been able to work out how to do it in Retrospect 8. Can anyone help me out? It is essential to the archiving work I do. Thanks, M
  7. Hi, I'm using Mac G5 OSX 10.5.8 Atto UL4D PCIX card Sony AIT4 machine I have recently upgraded from a G4 to G5 and purchased and installed Retrospect 8. Only then did I find out that Backup sets from version 6 are incompatible, so installed Retrospect 6.1 on the G5. When using Retrospect 8 on the G5, the Sony AIT machine is recognized through the Atto and visible in the devices menu. When using Retrospect 6.1 on the G5, the Sony AIT machine is not visible and I can't work out why. I have tried downloading the latest drivers and firmware but that doesn't work. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers, M