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  1. I have three macs being backed up remotely, all running 10.4.2. After updating the server to 6.1, I could not connect with two of the clients to upgrade them to 6.1 client via the push update. The third machine connected just fine and allowed me to perform the client update. After the update, still fine. The other two machines I updated manually. After the update, they still could not connect. Following the directive here, I tried uninstalling/reinstalling one client. After forgetting and re-adding that client, it was fine. The second machine I did not do the uninstall/reinstall. Instead I just forgot and re-added the existing client. It also started working. So, it's not a client issue and it does not appear to require uninstalling and reinstalling. Just forget and re-add (and update your scripts accordingly). I should also note that the machine that was working fine all the way through is one that I just added to the backup plan a few weeks ago. The other two have been getting backed up by Retrospect for many months. So perhaps this is some kind of legacy issue rearing its ugly head?