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  1. I finally go a working pioneer dvd 105 drive, installed in my 3 year old g4 and it works!
  2. Thanks for the reply Amy. I'm returning the 106 and should have the 105 in a day or 2. I'll let ya know if it works. It seems to me it should seeing how it's the same model as the apple "super drive"....but you never know. Funny but Roxio Toast doesn't seem to have problems like Retrospect does when it comes to new hardware. Retrospect actually saw the drive but couldn't use it??? Anywho, whatever, life sucks and then you upgrade and it sucks some more. I gotta get some fresh air......... d
  3. MAYOFF, Just got the pioneer 106 for my mac, didn't work of course. Am returning it for the 105. Any idea if this will work in an older mac if the mac wasn't built with this drive? I hope it does because this is the whole reason I'm getting it (to backup with RE). dave
  4. I posted earlier of success....and then, for what ever reason it stopped working, until..... After reading the above posts on the Logitech issue I updated the driver for my Optical mouse and now it's working again??!!! Man I hope it's not going to be like this for as long as I use OS 9.2.2. Anyway, thanks for the advice, it worked for me.
  5. I posted earlier in regards to this problem and have seemed to have figured it out (if you're running 9.2.2 and a QPS 12x firewire burner). It was a good old fashion extension conflict. Make sure the following extensions are disabled: Authoring support, firewire Authoring Support, SDAP Authoring Support, USB Authoring support This is in addition to any itunes extensions which I had to disable in order to be able to run toast (look on Roxio's website or qps's for details). I also downloaded the latest update from apple's software updater which I think had something to do with it. Good luck. Dave C
  6. I just "upgraded" today and was pissed to get this error message. I immediately called Dantz and couldn't even talk to any tech person without paying $40! The customer service drone said she's refund my money. I've been using software for 3 years now and that's their answer? Anywho....glad to hear it's not just me. Thankfully 4.3 works fine. I'll just get my refund. G4 450 dual OS 9.2.2 QPS Que fire 12x Tried base extensions, etc, no luck