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  1. We got fed waiting for Retrospect support to help us so we went ahead and wiped the server to upgrade to 2008. Anyway, this was a suggested fix that came in 11 hours later. I hope it helps someone else who encounters the same issue. No clue why it wasn't in the knowledge base to begin with. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/943545
  2. Oh and the built in Windows Backup program is able to see the drive.
  3. Hello, I am unable to get Retrospect to see the tape drives even though they show up properly in the Windows 2003 Server device manager. They are connected via Fibre Channel. The medium changer is also detected properly in Windows. I've rebooted, done full shutdowns, uninstalled, reinstalled drivers, etc. Is there anything I might be missing?
  4. I performed the upgrade and everything went smoothly. Thanks for the responses.
  5. So once I've brought my 7.6 backup sets to 10 I can use them to restore from previous backups with no issues?
  6. Hello, I am planning to upgrade from my really old version of 7.6 to the latest version. What is the best way to do this? Fully uninstall the old version but keeping my config files, then install the new version? My config files are from 7.5 so the name of the file is still config75.dat. Also, would there be any issue with using the old backup sets and doing restores from the 7.6 backups once I am on 10? Any insight is appreciated, thanks. Norm
  7. Hi, How long would it typically take to backup a Exchange 2007 Server with a storage group that is about 145GB plus 175 mailboxes in which users are allocated 2GB of space each? Not every user is using the total 2GB. Mine is taking a little over 12 hours and I need to figure out how to pare this down for the incremental backup. Even selecting differential with the script is not making much difference.