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    -519 Errors Driving Me Crazy

    Hi Chris, I finally figured out why I was getting the -519 errors. I made a real dumb move. I had the PC scheduled to shutdown 30 minutes into the backup. Whoopz! I changed my shutdown script to a later time & now everything works ok. I hope this helps.
  2. Hi Rob, This error usually shows up because the file is open/ in use. You should make sure all your users are logged out or you can also use the "Open file backup" add-on.
  3. 53cT3ch

    -519 Errors Driving Me Crazy

    :omg: WOW Chris, That really sucks! I still haven't been able to solve my -519 error either, I'm gunna keep pounding my head against the wall. I'll let you know if by some miracle I solve this problem. Thanks for all your help!
  4. 53cT3ch

    -519 Errors Driving Me Crazy

    Hi Chris, Have you been able to solve your -519 error? I've still had no luck. Thank you
  5. 53cT3ch

    -519 Errors Driving Me Crazy

    Chkdsk didn't work & the user isn't leaving any files open. I'll let you know what else I come across.
  6. Hi Rich, My backup window is 15 hours. I had an idea, but i don't know if it will work. I was thinking of placing a windows PC with the Iomega 200RL NAS device on both sides of my VPN tunnel then mapping the NAS device as a local Harddrive for both PCs on the ends of the tunnel. Then I was thinking, I could install the windows version on Rsync on both PCs and use the mapped network drives (200RLs) as my target. Have you ever heard of Rsync being used this way? Any ideas? Thank you again for all your help!!
  7. 53cT3ch

    -519 Errors Driving Me Crazy

    I'm having the same issue with a certain workstation. All my other PCs backup fine. Just this 1 PC gives me -519 errors.Immediate backup works. I can schedule the backup to run (as im standing in front of the server) and it will backup just fine. So far I ran chkdsk on the c:\ of the client PC. chkdsk did recover lost files. I also wonder if the user is leaving files open on their PC. I'm going to allow the backup to run tonight as scheduled, to see if chkdsk repaired the -519 issue. I'll let you know how it goes. Does an immediate backup work on the client you're having issues with? You could also schedule the backup to run while you're there looking at it. Does it happen only at night? Can you re-create the -519 error? hope this helps a bit
  8. Thank you so much Rich, The Iomega 200RL doesn't support Rsync :omg: Do you know of any other ways to send the data from one NAS to another without using rsync? I may have to purchase some netgear readyNas' This is our current bandwidth: On site: 1.5 Mbps upload and download offsite: 20 Mbps Fios upload and download Im thinking about upgrading the connection speeds. do you think these speeds would work for off-site backups? (instead of purchasing new NAS devices that support rsync) On site: 20 Mbps Fios upload and download offsite: 3 Mbps upload and download You're also right about the second local NAS to USB HDD copy. Definatly a good precaution. Thank you once again!!
  9. Hello, I am using retrospect multiserver v 7.6.111. I have 15 client PC's and 2 Iomega NAS devices with 1TB of storage on each. What are the best practices for off-site backup? I have tried backing up through the internet by running a "normal backup set transfer" from the NAS device on-site to the NAS device off-site. This takes over 3 days to complete. I am using "simple crypt" encryption on the retrospect data itself. I am using AES 256bit encrytption on the VPN tunnel between our 2 sites. Should I lower the encryption level of the VPN tunnel? Should I have my 15 clients backup to both NAS devices directly? (instead of first backing up to the onsite NAS device and then those backups transfered from the on-site NAS device to the off-site NAS device.)I hope my explaination makes sense. Many thanks in advance!! Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I have the same issue, I am using Retrospect muiltiserver v 7.6.111. I have 2 NAS devices and I want to perform a "Backup set transfer" between these 2 NAS devices. 1 NAS is onsite and the other is off-site. I created a VPN tunnel between the 2 sites. It takes me over 3 days to move 600GB over the internet. Next I'm going to lower the encryption level on the VPN tunnel, Maybe this will speed things up
  11. Hi everyone, I am using Retrospect multiserver with 2 NAS devices and about 15 clients. I am using 1 NAS for local storage and the 2nd one for off-site backup. Should I have my client pc's backup to both NAS devices? (as the destinations in proactive backup) or should I make a backup set transfer script to move/ clone the local NAS device to the off-site NAS device?