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  1. Thanks, Irena! The internal DVD-ROM drive on the TiBook is a Matshita DVD-ROM SR-8187. What I was hoping to do was create a backup set on my (external, stationary) firewire Pioneer 103 DVDRW drive with a DVDR disk. (I figured asking the DVD-ROM drive to read RW might be a bit of a stretch.) Then, when on the road, I want to be able to use that disk to restore any files that get broken from the Tibook DVD-ROM drive (built-in) that can run off battery and is thus mobile, which the DVDR is not. Retrospect doesn't appear to see the DVD-ROM drive at all, certainly not as a legitimate device for restore or DVD source for a (read-only) restore session.
  2. Hi, So I whip up a Restrospect DVDR backup set on my whizzy firewire Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-103 (driver Pioneer DVD/CD-RW 1.51) sold by LaCie. It backs up fine. BUT when I'm on the road with my laptop and go to restore a file, I put the DVD-R into my TiBook DVD and what does Retrospect see? Nothing! Help! I have a write-only backup!