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    I want to make sure this backup is working ok

    Thank you very much for the feedback, I am just trying to make sure this is working correctly for a customer of mine. What is a good way, or what are some options to test/restore the backup, to double check that way? By the way the backup is going onto an external USB Harddrive.
  2. pv2dickman

    I want to make sure this backup is working ok

    i attached error2 three times, sorry. can anybody tell me anything about the errors
  3. Retrospec 6.5 Windows XP There are some errors. When it runs the backup, does it compress it into a file, or can you access the files like you would on your regular harddrive/source I have saved screen shots, how can I get it so that the forum can look at it to view the errors and the script? Thank you
  4. pv2dickman

    Backup missed some files

    I have retro spec 6.5 I ran an immediate backup of my C: drive onto a WD USB HD. So every file was to be backed up onto the WD hard drive. When it was done, I explored the WD hard drive and couldn't find some of my documents on it. There was actually a missing user folder. I have CAD drawings saved on my computer in my documents folder that are important and those didn't even get put onto the backup. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need more information.