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  1. Dear support staff, Just installed a Storcenter 4TB iX2 for one of my customers and installed Retrospect Express HD 2.5 latest version. The application hangs on update status. Workstation is Win 7 Pro - 32 bit Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Kind regards, Jozef.
  2. Hi Robin, I don't know I am eligible to use/install that software. My Retrospect Express HD license came with my Storcenter unit. Can I ? Regards, Jozef.
  3. Robin, Thanks for your reply. The reason why I posted was that on the Iomega support site it was mentioned that backup and restore would work ( Link ) This is the statement : EMC Retrospect Express HD 2.5 — Data backup and restore only. Full system restore does NOT work in Windows 7.[/i][/u] In any case, I will wait for the updated version. Thanks for your quick reply. Kind regards, Jozef.