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    -1017 Insuffiecient Permissions (detailed question)

    insufficient permission (-1017) I checked the setup as seen above. This is not the place for answers. If your sharing / effective permissions are working correctly (and sometimes a password needs to be entered at the volume managment) I just ran the repair install (not labeled as repair, but o well) My scripts were preserved and it is now backing up.
  2. drew4452862

    -1017 Insuffiecient Permissions (detailed question)

    Dear Mayoff, You heartless troll. Professional was in the about window, and easily avoided in the description of my product. Why does it matter what can not be accessed? Wrkgroup folder, 2 pcs are on the playing field. If you have an answer, then answer... if not, use your grover icon to find children somewhere else.
  3. I can not backup through script or executed. The scripts have been working by using our workgroup, signing in with an admin account and backing up like normal. With out making changes, we are unable to backup with the permissions error. This is a windows XP SP3 machine, connecting to a windows 2000 sp4. I have checked NTFS and sharing permissions. I can read \ write \ modify the file and I'm backing up manually. Retrospect Express Professional 7.7.325 (32-Bit). Before backing up the actual files, all the computers (other than the backup and server) shutdown and the files are scripted (checked) to stop being used. How can I begin to fix this?