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  1. Hello, I'm attempting to get to the bottom of an error (-507) on on a Linux retrospect client. The client software is updated to 7.6.100 and the host backup machine is an intel box running Retrospect 8 for Mac. can anyone guide me with some instructions on how to uninstall the linux client? .... i've had a look through the user manual and an obvious google search....no luck getting any answers.... Many Thanks :confused:
  2. emcretrouser

    Error -507 when attempting to add Linux client

    - I've reinstalled the linux client + checked port 497 is open ... the issue is unresolved; still getting error -507
  3. emcretrouser

    Error -507 when attempting to add Linux client

    Prior to attempting to setup my linux machines under Retro 8 - they were being backed up via Retrospect 6 with no problems. however i was under the impression that the ''-507 error'' was caused by the Linux client software being out of date - i upgraded the linux client software and now i cant access the clients under Retro6 or Retro8 ...
  4. Friends - my Linux servers have not backed atleast 48 hours - its imperative that i resolve this. Any help would be super appreciated. My Retro Engine machine is an Intel xserve with 9GB ram / installed with the latest build of Retrospect 8.1 build 626. I've updated both my Linux client: 7.6.100 but keep getting the -507 error. The passwords match however retro seems to not recognise them... Thoughts?