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  1. Hi.. I reply to myself. I know the cause of this error: the client computer hanged up. the only thing I'd like to know is if retrospect will be able to continue the backup at the point it stopped. thanks again Sam
  2. I got this error (retrospect server ed. version 5.6.132) Trouble reading files, error -519 (network communication failed) 23/06/2002 16:33:25: Execution incomplete Remaining: 1354 files, 280,3 MB Completed: 18424 files, 1,4 GB Performance: 22,0 MB/minute Duration: 01:02:29 (00:02:09 idle/loading/preparing) The backup is not complete but retrospect has successfully saved some discs, at the point I got the error. Can I continue this backup (once the network link has been re-established) without having to begin with the 1st disk again? Thanks Sam
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    CDR writing speed

    - 23/06/2002 15:30:56: Copying 710 doc on MV 23/06/2002 15:30:56: Connected to MV Additional error information for device "AOpen CD-RW" [1:0], Sense > f0 00 03 00 04 80 15 0c 00 00 00 00 0c 00 00 00 00 00 (AOPEN |CD-RW CRW3248 |1.10) Trouble writing: "1-mv_doc" (588251136), error -206 (drive reported a failure: dirty heads, bad media, etc.) I got this error when retrospect has filled almost all of the blank media I supose it could be because media is labeled 24x and my recorder is capable of writing 32x Do you know what could be happening? I have tried PHILIPS and IMATION media, and have succesfull backed up some volumes with this recorder/retrospect version/media Any idea? thanks Sam
  4. Hi Retrospect report writting errors doin' backup on CDR I'm using 24x media and 32x writter (aopen) Can I limit max burn speed retrospect so it don't go faster than 20x or so? Thanks
  5. Hi there. I'm trying Retrospect Server edition 5.6.132 with Aopen cdrw 32x12x48 and 24x CD-R media (imation 700Mb) I have problems with media and get errors while backing up. I think the problem may be retrospect is burning at 32x and this media don't like it. Can I force retrospect to burn at 8x? TIA Sam