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    winerr -1018 on Exchange backup

    From the deeps, I'm getting a similar error: [color:blue]Normal backup using Exchange Storage Group at 5/10/2010 19:00 (Execution unit 1) To Backup Set Exchange SG2... 5/10/2010 19:00:00: Copying RN - Storage Group 1 on [server_name] Backup type: Full T-11: >>>HrESEBackupReadFile -- T-11: Error returned from an ESE function call (-801). Trouble reading files, error -1004 (Database Backup/Restore error) 5/10/2010 19:05:49: Execution incomplete Remaining: 4 files, 67,6 GB Completed: 1 files, 1,1 GB, with 0% compression Performance: 264,9 MB/minute Duration: 00:05:49 (00:01:43 idle/loading/preparing)[/color] Any clues?
  2. austregecilio

    login to the SQL Server failed

    So, no solutions for this case to make Active Directory Accounts works?
  3. austregecilio

    Backup client reserved Error -505

    Let me explain better. In my both cases i detected the error when i arrived at my job (lot of emails from rbu user in my inbox). Was 08:00AM and i couldn't wait to 12:00PM or 06:00PM to restart my SQL Server. And i have a Transaction Log backup every hour, i needed to resolve the problem as soon as possible before next backup starts. So, i did what i explained previously and at 09:00AM my Transaction Log backup was successfully executed.
  4. austregecilio

    Backup client reserved Error -505

    This error happened twice with me. Both times restart Retrospect app or server didn't resolve the problem. The Retrospect client was my Microsoft SQL Server and i couldn't restart it. To solve the problem without restart my SQL Server i used a kill process command in my SQL Server. At Query Analyser i execute the command: [color:green]select * from sysprocesses where program_name like '%retrospect%'[/color] to see the process from Retrospect. In my case was 3 process running more than 24 hours and are them what i need to kill and solve the problem. From the result of that command executed before i get the spid column values and used the command: [color:green]kill [spid_value][/color] And...the [color:red]error -505 backup client reserved[/color] problem was solved.