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    Should I upgrade from version 6?

    If v6 is running fine for you, there really is no reason to switch. And given that some of us are STILL having major issues with v8.x 5 months after release and despite several "updates," I'd encourage everyone to stay away from this nightmare. It remains THE buggiest piece of software I've used in 15 years.
  2. dcomiskey

    Engine STILL crashing

    Yes, it's 8.2b.
  3. Here we go again. While a bunch of other issues appear to be "fixed," I'm once again battling the engine crashes when a backup is beginning (scanning disk to back up). Really????? :angryred:
  4. dcomiskey

    Tape library stuck in endless loops

    It's actually the other way around. I was told to get the ULD5, but that slot is already filled with a FibreChannel card (which I didn't realize until I bought it, had it sent overnight and screeched to a halt....). The ULD4 is the one that fits in the PCI-X slot.
  5. dcomiskey

    Tape library stuck in endless loops

    Hi, Russ. That's what I was beginning to suspect, but ran diags and got nothing. I did a clean re-install AGAIN today and it's running at the moment, so I'm sort of holding my breath. The true test will come when it goes to locate tape 2.... Our Intel XSERVE is running 10.6.3, with the latest RDU and Retro 8.2b.
  6. I think I'm ready to destroy something. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, Retro 8 just stopped recognizing our Overland LTO3 tape library. Re-installed everything, nothing. Installed 8.2b. Nothing. I spoke with Retro tech support and the tech, Robin, suggested getting a new SCSI card (we had LSILogic cards and he suggested the ATTO UL4). Spent $500 on a new card. Ok, great, library recognized after a couple of reboots. Backup starts. As soon as a second tape is needed (even if the tapes are already added to the backup set!) the drive just gets stuck in an endless loop of loading/unloading every tape in the library. The error that shows up in Console is: Retrospect [88991] Too few params for format String !Can't continue operation, %@ has no empty slots available, %@.: (0) Mind you, the library currently has three EMPTY slots, just in case. So, I'm going to call tech support in a bit, but this nightmare just won't end. :angryred:
  7. dcomiskey

    Retrospect sold to Roxio...

    So, 3 days since the ReadMe was complete and still nothing. This is awesome.
  8. dcomiskey

    Retrospect sold to Roxio...

    They supposedly just finished the Read Me for 8.2b. Let's hope to whatever thing/person/deity/object you worship we get the beta TOMORROW. I'm going on nearly 2 weeks without a successful backup on our ******* file server. I don't like playing with fire and I'm fed up at this point.
  9. dcomiskey


    Shouldn't we all have asked that question before 8 was released in the first place?
  10. dcomiskey

    Can't manually run or stop scripts

    You're not the only one. This is one of the major bugs yet to be fixed. There might as well not be a STOP button b/c it doesn't work at all.
  11. dcomiskey

    Ok...how long do we have to wait?

    Let's hope this fixes, well, ALL of the issues....
  12. dcomiskey

    Really, Retrospect 8? You're THAT bad?

    Yes, OP, it is THAT bad. And I'm pretty angry there has not been ONE update for this program in months. I, too, cannot stop a script without having to reboot my server (which, you know, I'd rather not do during the work day!). I have random problems with my tape library (even with bar codes, which barely helped my issues). All we are doing is a daily incremental with a weekly rotation and a monthly full. Pretty damn simple. yet, as of now, I have no backups since last Wednesday now because "all of a sudden" my tape library keeps faulting out while retro is moving tapes (and, btw, is now stuck in "moving" a tape for the 6th time this week and I can't fix it other than a reboot). There are so many complaints on here about Retro 8, but I get the feeling the folks at Dantz couldn't care less at this point about fixing them. This is by far one of the buggiest programs I've ever used. Unfortunately, the enterprise backup options for OS X are so slim that this is almost the only "option" now.
  13. Well, it shouldn't have to be if this program wasn't so unbelievably buggy..... :angryred: