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  1. Can't backup to Maxell CD-R 40X 700MB media either. So much for the 'try a different brand' theory.
  2. Further update: Retrospect works with Apple-branded DVD media (4.7GB) on the Superdrive with the previously mentioned versions. I also tried a Verbatim 16X CDR media (650MB). Retrospect failed to compete the backup. reporting a 203 error after burning 80% of it successfully. The problem seems to be Retrospect with CD-R media (changing brand did not solve the problem). Note that I was able to burn a music CD to the same CD-R media with I-tunes. This likely rules out the Superdrive as the problem.
  3. Retrospect 5.0.238 still does not have the capability to close the Superdrive with the eject key or the eject button in Retrospect. This should be fixed.
  4. I believe it is some incompatability between the particular versions of Retrospect and the firmware of the Pioneer drive. I am able to successfully burn an Audio CD with I-tunes to a Memorex 24X CD-R medium.
  5. Further to my post, I'm running OS 10.1.5.
  6. Retrospect 5.0.238, Superdrive DVR-104/ firmware A227, Memorex CD-R media Since updating Retrospect to the current version and updating the Superdrive to the current firmware version A227, I can no longer complete a backup on CD-R media (Memorex 700MB 16X or 20X media). I receive either 203 "hardware failure" or 206 "drive returned error, dirty heads etc." and when trying to verify the members of the backup sets that supposedly completed correctly, I find that Retrospect cannot read them. I can neither complete incremental backups on the media, nor can I do a full backup. Is it Retrospect that is the problem, the Pioneer drive, or the media? I have always been able to complete backups with Memorex media before, on the same drive (earlier firmware), using Retrospect (earlier version).
  7. I have noticed that Retrospect 5.0.025 does not recognize the eject key on the new flat panel iMac keyboard (Pioneer DVD-R or Superdrive). As a result, there is no way to close the DVD-R (retract the tray) except to manually force it back in. Note that the Eject button in Retrospect Express works, but there is no comparable "retract tray" button. I doubt that it is good practice to force the drive closed in order to run a backup. Will there be an update to Retrospect Express to recognize the eject\retract key on the iMac keyboard?