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  1. Thank you very much for this valuable information! We will order an UL4D immediately! It is good to see that the user of this forum cares about each other. For EMC Dantz it seems to be a different story... We sent a inquery about this problem using their web based support-form for several days ago, and haven't heared a word since. I thought we were entitled to 2 support incidents after purchasing a new Retrospect license, but it doesn't seems like they bother to answer...
  2. Thanks for your advise... but this really bothers if it is true that we can not trust SCSI operations at all in Mac OS X. According to EMC Dantz this has nothing to do with Retrospect as it is only giving standard SCSI commands to the OS. It's the OS+Driver+Hardware that is executing the actual commands. Very strange that this should be this hard to do reliably? Any opinions? Facts? ...are greatly appreciated!
  3. We have just upgraded to Retrospect 6 (6.1.126) from version 5. We installed the software on a brand new Xserve G5 with an "Build To Order" Apple Dual Ultra 320 SCSI adapter and a Breece Hill 16-PAK AIT-4 library. The inital tests looked good... we were able to backup and verify approx. 1 TB with data without any problems. But when we started a restore-test from this backup we got a lot of "Bad Backup Set Header" errors on the Retrospect log. From searching the Dantz website and this list we have reason to believe that this is SCSI related. On the Dantz website we found this information: "Note: EMC Dantz has received reports from users experiencing problems using the Apple branded LSI SCSI Card with tape devices. EMC Dantz is investigating these reports." Does anyone else have this problem? Any workaounds or solutions? Are we better off with an ATTO adapter? If yes, which Dual Channel ATTO card is known to work, if anyone? Best regards, Alf Endre Vestre Hatlehols AS
  4. We are planning to upgrade our Solaris 8 server to Solaris 10 in the near future (3-6 weeks) and would really prefer to use Retrospect for doing backups. Dantz's product pages says that they only support Solaris 8 and 9, does anyone know if it still works with Solaris 10, or if Dantz is working with Solaris 10 support. Alf Endre Vestre
  5. Does anyone know the maximum size for a file backupset in Retrospect 6 running on Mac OS X 10.3 or 10.4? According to Apple the maximum filesize on HFS+ in 10.3 is 16 TB. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=25557 Can anyone verify that it is possible to have a FILE backupset that is larger than 2 TB in Retrospect 6 on 10.3/10.4? Best regards, Alf Endre Vestre
  6. Quote: but you will need to keep that HD on hand for any restores you need from it... Can you verify that a restore actually works after this "trick". Even complete/full restores? How will Retrospect ask for the previous disks? Has any of the Dantz employees ever commented this method? In this forum? -- Alf Endre Vestre Systems Manager Hatlehols AS
  7. Quote: Retrospect for Windows has a "disk" backup set that can span multiple disks no matter how they are connected to the machine. If this feature shows up in the next Macintosh release is it then likely or unlikely that it will be possible to convert a backup from File to Disk? Meaning that we can go from using 1 Xserve RAID today to using 2 Xserve RAIDs in the future. How would you recommend to do this backup using Retrospect for Macintosh and be able to go from 1 Xserve RAID today and possibly 2 in the future? What is possible in Retrospect for Windows today? As I understand the possibilities in Retrospect for Macintosh today we would be best of using small FireWire RAIDs, but our problem is that we haven't found any that does remote/email notification of disk failures. Therefore we are looking at using Xserve RAIDs instead, but Retrospect for Mac seems to be less capable/flexible using those. And since we are planning to set up a dual disk-to-disk backup (local+remote) we would prefer to buy 2 Xserve RAIDs this year and 2 next year instead of 4 this year. Since our focus has always been on the Mac platform we would like to stay on it, if possible. How would you recommend doing a backup to a remote storage? Should we use internet backup from a local Retrospect or add Retrospect to the remote storage and then pull the data from our server? In my opinion pushing the data from the local site will give easy administration and compression of the data before sending it over the DSL line, and installing Retrospect on the remote site will give greater flexibilities in choosing back sets and maybe better grooming support when available? Any opinions? Grooming in Retrospect for Windows: Is it possible to use the number of disks that we like to achieve the history length that we want (1-2 years) and then turn on the grooming? Can grooming be used for all backup types, including internet backups? -- Alf Endre Vestre Systems Manager Hatlehols AS, Norway.
  8. Thanks for your response! According to Dantz Pre-Sales all of the things I asked about is possible! Why did they say that if it is not correct? Is it possible to back-up to multiple SCSI and FC disks as removeable disks and to FILE that spans multiple SCSI and FC disks in Retrospect 7 for Windows? Is that why they said yes to all my questions? Some more questions: Does this mean that we can span multiple RAID-5 which are connected as external removable SATA disks, with a Sonnet SATA card? If we use disks for multiple-disk backup that have both FireWire and USB connections (and even SATA) can we then mix the use these ports when reconnecting the disks. Is Retrospects special "formatting" of the disks locked to the connection type in use when doing the "formatting"? Since we are currently evaluting BRU, Netvault and Retrospect for our completely new disk-to-disk platform we would really appreciate detailed answers and opinions on these questions. I have spent almost 2 weeks with Dantz Pre-Sales getting only sparse information that even ends up beeing wrong. If it weren't for me really "wanting" Retrospect to be good enough, you would be out of the picture at this time. -- Alf Endre Vestre Systems Manager Hatlehols AS, Norway.
  9. Does anyone know anything about MULTIPLE-DISK backup in Retrospect 6 for Mac to external SCSI, Fiber Channel or SATA disks in addition to the more common FireWire and USB disks. Is this possible? Any experiences? I am also looking at backup to FILE that spans multiple SCSI or multiple Fiber Channel disks. Is this possible? Any experiences? We are in the process of migrating our aging AIT/DLT Retrospect 5 backup to a new multi Terabyte disk-to-disk backup solution and would love to hear your experiences with Retrospect 6 for Mac with large disk-to-disk backups. We could consider switching to the Windows version if it would do a better disk-to-disk backup (the grooming feature looks interesting) but we would prefer to stay on the Mac platform. Regards, Alf Endre Vestre Systems Manager Hatlehols AS
  10. This seems to have been fixed with Mac OS X 10.3.6. If you can confirm or "disconfirm" this please post! -aev-