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  1. OK, I have it sorted now... It was my lack of attention to detail in the cables I was using. What had happened at some stage is that pins 2 & 3 (or 66 & 67 - cant remember which way up the cable was) were bent together and touching. When the cable was inserted, it managed to cut the plastic separating these pin sockets on the ATTO card and therefore caused some sort of short that ONLY Retrospect had an issue with. Once straightened, all worked fine and I have successfully completed a full backup - Phew!!! Thanks Russ for your suggestion to check cabling etc. Al
  2. Russ, thanks for your post. See below for responses to you questions: It has 2 channels - 1 & 2. I am presuming channel 1 is the internal connector and 2 is the external connector. No, I can select that button, however it does nothing. The Configure button, however, is greyed out. No. There are no drivers made for OS-X. Unfortunately, the FTP server that has the RDU (ftp.dantz.com) is currently down, will try that later though. I'll try that now and report back soon. Thanks again, Al
  3. Hello, I am pulling my hair out trying to get my Quantum DLT-V4 to work. The following is my environment: OS: OSX 10.5.8 Hardware: Powermac G4 (MDD) SCSI Card: ATTO ExpressPCI UL4S (Driver version 4.4.1, Firmware version "April 10, 2009") Tape drive: Quantum DLT-V4 Retrospect version: 6.1.230 (with RDU According to the hardware compatibility list everything should work, but what I am seeing is: Apple System Profiler sees the drive under: Parallel SCSI --> SCSI Parallel Domain 1 --> SCSI Target Device @ 4 --> SCSI Logical Unit @ 0 And the ATTO Configuration Tool (v3.28) sees the device on Channel: 2 Bus: 1 Target: 4 LUN: 0 However in Retrospect under Configure --> Devices, all that I can see listed is the DVD drive. When I select menu item Devices --> Device Status, I can see a device with ID SCSI-A:4:0, but there is no further info (vendor, product... etc) about it. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Al