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  1. I have an LTO 5 tape set that I have been using to backup my xSAN volume to. Recently I have been unable to backup my files, the script appears to hang at the end of the "scan" phase. The volume that I am backing up is about 5 TB and contains over 5 million files. Here is a log from a recent attempt that made it past the scan phase but all subsequent attempts have hung at the end of the scan phase: Normal backup using storagepool at 12/16/12 (Activity Thread 1) To Backup Set Storagepool April 2012... - 12/16/12 12:46:24 PM: Copying storagepool 12/17/12 9:04:36 AM: Execution stopped by operator Remaining: 131303 files, 134.6 GB Completed: 0 files, 0 B Performance: 0 MB/minute Duration: 20:18:12 (20:17:34 idle/loading/preparing) I've seen these in the log from the "View" menu: stucFinished: [QUANTUM|Scalar i40-i80|123G] incorrect scsiServiceResponse 0x70682630, scsiStatus 0x70682630 stucFinished: [1|1|1] transaction result 0x70694b90 Any ideas on what this error means and why I can no longer write to my tape library? The library is attached via fibre channel to a qlogic fibre switch. This is critical that I get this working again as I am having disk problems with my storage array and need a good backup. Thanks Tom
  2. I'm trying to backup about 5 TB of data on my SAN to a quantum tape library. My backup script is stuck in the "Scanning" phase. It's gone through 4.6 million files and 3 TB of data but isn't proceeding. I found this in the log: stucFinished: [QUANTUM|Scalar i40-i80|123G] incorrect scsiServiceResponse 0x70682630, scsiStatus 0x70682630 stucFinished: [1|1|1] transaction result 0x70694b9 My script had been working for several months but I haven't had a good backup for several weeks. And of course, now I'm having errors on my RAID array and really could use a good backup. The scanning process takes a long time its been running for 15 hours (not sure how long its been stuck, the clock keeps ticking but the filecount doesn't move). My tape library is connected fibre to fibre switch. The retrospect server is connected fibre to the SAN that I'm trying to backup. What does this error mean? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I recently upgraded to build (366) of retrospect 9 on advise of retrospect support for another problem I was having. Previous to build 366 and in all subsequent versions back to v6, I was able to perform an archive function to store (archive) my disk based retrospect backups to tape. My scripts would store client backups on a Raid volume, when the volume became full, I would kick off the archive script to move the retrospect backups to tape. Then start the process over again. Now, when I run my archive script, it tells me there are no files to backup. I contacted support and was told basically that what I've been doing shouldn't have been possible and now that bug was fixed. I was told that what I needed to do now is a media copy operation. Unfortunately the media copy operation requires that I now create a separate script for each media set. But all I really want to do is backup my disk named "dtod" to tape and erase all the files so I can start over. Am I missing something? Why is this no longer possible? Thanks in advance, Tom
  4. twflynch

    Retro 9 Upgrade Pricing Feedback

    I too have been waiting patiently for bug fixes - network communication errors (very clean new cat6 house cabling), very slow startup of the console, many configuration corruptions and subsequent reconfiguration (200 clients), restores that don't work, empty container (no volumes), -540 errors, dissappearing clients, wrong client, etc. I use retrospect to recover as the last resort, it usually doesn't work. I can't teach my tech to take over administration because it is so flakey, impossible to explain all of the contingencies to her. So now I have to shell out $900 to see if the bugs have been fixed? I don't need new features, don't use the "cloud", I just need a backup solution that works.
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    Error -1012

    I'm trying to restore a backup from tape to a "favorites" folder on an external drive, but the restore keeps failing with: !Trouble writing folder "/Volumes/Users-Mac-4TB/LaCie/LaCie Disk-11:10:09/VideoRecBeh/DPAT_C1-4/BehDPAT11_27_2006.iMovieProject/Media", error -1012 ( feature unsupported) I'm running v 8.2 server on Mac OS X Server v 10.6.4. The backup was made with v 8.1 server. The source was a sharepoint mounted on the server. I've tried multiple times and it appears that the failure occurs randomly at different locations. For example, a previous attempt was able to restore the 2006 files but fails on 2007 folder. Any idea what the problem might be? Any idea how to recover these files? The backup is about 1.8 terabytes total, I'm trying to recover 980 GBytes. I noticed the restore folder is locked when I look at it. i.e. .../DPAT_C1-4/ has a lock symbol on the folder icon.
  6. I was asking a question - what happened to my settings, scripts, etc? How do I get them back? The second post was a comment that I had found the answer in another post.
  7. This has already been covered - http://www.retrospect.com/supportupdates/updates/?path%5B%5D=updates#UPDATETYPE95
  8. I shutdown retrospect engine, then ran the firmware upgrade (EFI 1.2). When the system came back after reboot I started up the retrospect console and was prompted for my license. i entered the license, but now all of my scripts, logs, sources, etc. are gone.