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    Backing up DFS Replicated folders

    Robin Mayoff, It's been a few years since I brought up the issue of backing up DFSR enabled volumes. Does the current version of Retrospect support DFSR?
  2. rmichaelbarr

    Difficulties Accessing Www.retrospect.com

    similar problem here in Pennsylvania, USA from two different ISP's... try connecting to http://cold-mountain-6475.herokuapp.com/
  3. rmichaelbarr

    Backing up DFS Replicated folders

    Thanks Robin. That's good to know. I'll keep checking back.
  4. rmichaelbarr

    Backing up DFS Replicated folders

    Mayoff, I never received a reply as to future support of DFS Replicated volumes. Is there going to be a future version of Retrospect for Windows at all??
  5. rmichaelbarr

    Reordering Sources in backup scripts

    Actually, you can just drag them up and down by the icon.
  6. rmichaelbarr

    Backing up DFS Replicated folders

    Very disappointing. I haven't seen any other backup program with this limitation. Are there plans to support DFSR in the future?
  7. It appears Retrospect is incapable of backing up folders that are set for DFS Replication in Windows 2008 R2. Retrospect can browse the folders and see the files and counts through them while 'scanning' prior to backup, but after the scan, any folders that have DFSR enabled are not checked and cannot be checked. Stopping the DSFR service on the server allows the folders to be backed up but that's very limiting. Open file backup is enabled so it's not simply a matter of the DFSR service holding them open (it doesn't, since users can open and modify files). Anyone else experianced this???
  8. Anyone found any more info on this issue? I'm having a similar issue: retrospect hangs at "building snapshot" when backing up the system volume of some, but not all, of my 2008 R2 servers. The backup hangs at what appears to be 100%. At the server being backed up, the process pcpds.exe runs at 50% cpu and memory use continues to climb but never any movement back at the retrospect server. If I terminate the pcpds.exe process on the client, it restarts itself, and back at the retrospect server, the building snapshot process resumes and completes successfully. Turning on or off 'Backup Open Files' has no effect so I don't think its a VSS issue. If I turn off "Backup System State", the problem goes away. Retrospect 7.7.208(64 bit) with driver/hotfix update bit) running on W2K8 R2 Client 7.7.106 running on W2K8 R2