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  1. I have an instance of this same error, but in my case, I get the failed checksum match when trying to search for files in my backup set. I backup nightly successfully to this backup set. I can view and restore files by viewing "selected files". I only get this error when using "find files" on my backup sets. I have not tried the recommendation on tossing the preferences as suggested. Any thoughts would be appreciated. -- Daniel
  2. Gandalf465

    Error -212 when attempting to repair catalog

    Nate, Thanks for the responses. I had run a cleaning and on your recommendation successfully ran a test backup to a blank tape. Calling support confirmed that the tape had been damaged. I reported the tape missing under the Backup Set properties and began backing up to a new blank member. It appears that the -212 error in our case denoted a damaged media.
  3. Gandalf465

    Error -212 when attempting to repair catalog

    Running on WinXP, Retrospect version 6.0.206 to an HP C5713A DDS4 6 Tape Library.
  4. My unattended script which I have been running for years now started failing a few nights ago notifying me in the logs that my "Catalog is out of sync with Backup Set "mybackupset" and that I should use Tools>Repair Catalog>Update Existing Catalog. I have had to perform such procedures before in my 6 years with the Retrospect products and it is usually a very simple process however when attempting to run the update I receive the following error. Device trouble: "152-BU", error -212 (media erased) Any help or advice is much appreciated. I need to backup my files servers! Thanks.
  5. Actually the method recommeneded did not _totally_ work for me either. I could not find the config.dat file either and so upon moving while my Storage Set remained intact, I had to re-establish my client connections and rebuild my scripts. Please let me know if you successfully find this file and get it to transfer for future reference. -- Regards
  6. What a novel idea to check the manual . That is the exact information I was looking for. I will continue with this thread if I run into any snags. Thanks
  7. I am wanting to rebuild the maching that is currently the host for our Retrospect 6 Multi Server from Win2x to WinXP. I understand compatibility with WinXP is not a problem. My question: What is the best way to seamlessly transfer all of my Retrospect information (Backup Sets, Scripts, Settings) off of the HD I am rebuilding and then back when the rebuild is complete in order to maintain seemless Retrospect operation. We back up about 12 machines nightly including 2 Mac OS X file servers, 3 Unix web servers, and multiple Mac OS X and Win clients, so I can not afford any down time in our backup. Thanks for all replies. Regards Dan Pape www.jcg.com
  8. Attack of the killer Adaptec Cards. You are having the same problem I, and many other happy version 4.x users, had. Apprently some of Adaptec's cards (we had the 29160) will not work with Retrospect on OSX. Support claimed that they could not get to every hardware combination during testing and confirmed that there are compatibility issues with some of Adaptects cards. We were not dealing with the 39160 but the errors you are getting are identical to what we had with the 29160. In short we had to get a different SCSI controller. We are using an ATTO now and are extremely pleased with it. Sorry there is not a "magical" fix. I am not sure if my experience was unique with Dantz but I did receive FREE support the day after I downloaded my Retrospect 5 Wrokgroup upgrade. I did call the special "direct" support phone number that was set up in reaction to the flood of calls generated by the 5.0 release. I am not sure if that number is still active, though you could give it a try. 925-253-3037 I agree Dantz has sadly dropped the ball on this issue and it's support policies in general are taking an ugly turn. Regards
  9. I was told both by phone support and face to face by Dantz representatives at MacWorld that the 1000 GB limit was going to be eliminated in version 5. This is important to us at our Digital Graphics company who back up 2 servers and 13 workstations. We fill up a 1000 GB set in about 4 months. It gets very expensive having to start over entirely with new tapes not to mention the week it takes to perform an entire new backup. This is very frustrating. Does anyone know any other options (including alternative backup software)?
  10. I am upgrading to version 5. In order to import my storage sets so they are version 5 compatible (i.e. no longer bound to the 1000 GB backup limit) do I need to rebuild these sets from my tapes or will Workgroup 5 update these for me? Thanks
  11. Backup tends to be the more common choice since it will only backup new or changed files since the last time the disk was backed up. This saves on data storage if you are wanting to keep all your data for a period of time like a year or more. If you are simply wanting to have an emergency recovery approach duplication is not a bad idea since you reuse the same storage media over and over by not keeping archived files (only what is on your disk at the current backup). All in all it comes down to customizing your backup approach to your needs.
  12. Yes. We do this daily. You will need a 5.x version of the Client. If you are planning on staying with Workgroup 4.3 then you would need to purchase a new client pack, or you could upgrade to Workgroup 5 which was released today.
  13. Gandalf465

    G4 Setup

    Another fairly obvious thing to check is your SCSI connections. Ensure the last item on the chain is terminated. Does the drive function properly in other fasions like disc burning, reads, etc...?