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    "Self Grooming" Media Set?

    Even if a media set is not set to self-groom, I believe that during the restore process, there is an option or button to retrieve older/other backups. I recall sifting through all the dates of all the old backups. When you choose one, then it builds a file list for that date to restore from. I'd give more specific details, but I'm going from memory, cause my server is currently down. Sorry.
  2. pjonesvcc

    What happens on Restart or Crash

    In the specific scenario where you have an engine on one computer and a client on another, and you restart (or sleep) the client during a proactive backup (and the engine keeps trucking along normally), then the proactive script will get stuck. It will say that it will retry the client later, but you have to remove the entry for the interrupted backup attempt in the Activities section before the Proactive scripting will work properly again.
  3. pjonesvcc

    Supervising Proactive Backup

    Your feedback in earlier threads with regards to the number of Proactive scripts was very valuable to me. I had also brought my engine to its knees and determined that R8 was useless in its current form. Once I reduced the number of scripts and media sets, however, it has been (mostly) functional and responsive (with a daily reboot). I'm in agreement that this is not likely a client issue, but if updating is straightfoward, then it is likely a good use of time to get it done. If nothing else, it will simplify further troubleshooting. I would love to have some insight into the RAM limitations. If I am running with 4 GB on the engine, how many concurrent threads are recommended? How many Proactive scripts? etc. Have you seen EMC weigh in on that? Right now I have preferences set to 8 threads, although with 6 active scripts, that won't happen. I might just bump the pref down, though, in case any resources are being pre-allocated...
  4. pjonesvcc

    Supervising Proactive Backup

    I'll give that a shot. Back in R6, I tried updating clients from the server once. All of the server-updated clients stopped launching on bootup, and I just went back to updating ones that experienced issues. Question: Is there a way to see Sources' client versions from the console? Nm, Answered my own question. I see that I can add a column to the Sources section that will list the agent version. Handy. Also let's me answer Heath's question. Most of the clients experiencing Proactive Backup issues are 6.2.234, but two are 6.3.019 and one is 6.3.027. Which means that all are out of date. Current is 6.3.028.
  5. pjonesvcc

    Client error (-557) during backup

    If it backs up all files before it processes folders, then the Documents folder might hold the culprit. It's a bit odd that it doesn't have a green check mark, isn't it?
  6. pjonesvcc

    Supervising Proactive Backup

    Thanks for the tip, Maser. Most of my affected users have gone home for today, but I deleted the most recent past activity for one of them, and within 5 minutes the server was running a backup on her computer. So, there seems to be some kind of hiccup on interrupted backups that is preventing future activity. I'll have to try that on the others (as well as grab the version number on each of them to see if that's it). Question about removing/deleting past activities from the Activities area. Does this affect the backups/catalogs in any way, or are we just removing what is essentially a log entry? Oh, and btw, all the employee computers are on static IPs. I will have to eventually get around to updating all the clients, as Heath suggests. Due to time constraints, I've been only updating the ones that had issues during configuration (add as Source, define Favorite Folder).
  7. pjonesvcc

    Collection of useful rules

    That's true. And, helpful in many ways. But, it also doesn't describe the "is like" option in any way.
  8. pjonesvcc

    Collection of useful rules

    I saw that "is like" option, but was too nervous to try it. Without any documentation, it's anyone's guess how that works, right? Did the person that told you this have a link to any docs, by any chance? =)
  9. User manual in hand, I've digested a large number of forum posts here, and have jumped into Retrospect 8 with both feet again. I've got 6 active scripts (5 proactive for my clients and 1 scheduled backup script to self-backup the R8 server), 6 media sets (one for each script), and 119 clients. Here's the problem. Some of my clients have not yet been fully backed up, even though they were added/configured last week, can be browsed from the client list on the Retrospect console, and are visible on the network for large chunks at a time. When I look in Activities, filter for All, and sort by Source, I've got at least half a dozen of these users where one backup attempt has been made. That attempt was interrupted part way through (these are all laptop users, and they likely put their computers to sleep mid-backup). The only other activity listed for that user is a Proactive Backup scheduled in the past, whose status is "Waiting to retry failed attempt". The User Manual indicates that the least recently backed up client is prioritized to the top of the Proactive Backup queue, but I am seeing never-backed-up clients available and not being backed up. And, the server seems to go periods of time without even firing off backups on anyone - in need of incremental or original backup. So, how do I supervise this process? The logic appears to be completely hidden. The only window into the world of proactive backups appears to be when it actually fires off a backup. But, if it is not, how can I tell what it is planning/trying to do, and where it is stuck? How do I manage the proactive backups? How do I get it to trigger a backup on an available client in need of a backup? How do I get it unstuck? Engine is on: Mac Mini Server 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo w/ 4 GB RAM on Mac OSX 10.6.2. Console: Retrospect 8.1.626 Console running on my MacBook (2 GHz w/ 4 GB RAM) on MacOSX 10.5.8. Clients: Versions are all over the map on machines from G5 iMacs to MacBooks to MacBook Pros, from 10.3 to 10.6. Mostly wireless laptops.
  10. pjonesvcc

    Collection of useful rules

    We have a MS Exchange mail server and use MS Entourage as the mail client. The mail is stored server-side, and synced locally. The Entourage database file often approaches 1 GB for many of our users and changes constantly. I exclude this file and instruct every new user to refrain from making folders in the "On My Computer" section of Entourage - and then use the disclosure triangle to hide it from view. Hold option while adding an exclude rule to add a nested set of rules: All of the following are true: . "File" "Mac Path" "contains" "/Microsoft User Data/" . "File" "Mac Path" "contains" "Identit" . "File" "Name" "is" "Database" That seems to catch the database file on all my users: Entourage 2004 and 2008, no matter if their main identity has been rebuilt under a different name or not (default is Main Identity). If there is an easier way to do this, I'm open to suggestions. (I'm thinking wildcards, maybe...?) The default path of the database is "/Users//Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 200x Identities//Database"
  11. pjonesvcc

    Best Practices?

    Having beta tested software before going into IT, I'm tracking with you. Our Apple sales rep has recommended a couple other products that we are in the process of demoing. R8 probably needs another 2 years at this rate before it's ready for sale or for production environments.
  12. pjonesvcc

    Best Practices?

    rhwalker said: That's putting it mildly. This is an INCREDIBLY amateurish and embarrassing problem for EMC. I didn't even think of the need to check for this, especially after R6 seemed to be such a professional and relatively reliable (though aged) product. rhwalker said: I played a game once that was horribly unreliable. But, it was fun. So, I kept playing it. It would crash at least once every 30 minutes. But, it didn't much matter to the end user, because it auto-saved the game every turn. At most, you'd lose 2 minutes of effort due to a crash - plus 30 seconds of force-quitting and relaunching. It didn't assume a perfect world. And, it took a simple precaution to mitigate a disaster. rhwalker: I dunno. I'm hoping to never have to face that, and I'm on the same page as you... I suppose that EMC doesn't have much to gain for being embarrassed or apologetic, but I'd like to at least be left with the impression that they take this all at least as seriously as I do.
  13. pjonesvcc

    Best Practices?

    Tree said: Yes, a "Recover previous config" UI button would be nice. Even a preference to add a # of backed up configurations would add a lot of value - with what I would guess would be a relatively low amount of work. Tree said: There will indeed always be factors beyond the programmers' control. Of course, in this instance, there are factors within their control that are causing problems. Obviously, tracking down and fixing these things in an atmosphere of tight resources takes time... All the more reason to have contingency/recovery methods in place. Relying on me to provide those contingencies/recoveries when I know less about Retrospect than EMC does is... inefficient.
  14. pjonesvcc

    Best Practices?

    Is there a repository of best practices located anywhere? Aside from the quick start guide and these forums, my only source of knowledge appears to be poking around the app and trying things. The reason why I ask... This week, when I launched the console, it requested a license key, and once entered, I found that all settings had been wiped. Shortly after that, I found a thread on this forum explaining not to give the license, or the backup of the settings and preferences would be overwritten. The thread continued, saying that if you unfortunately had already done this, you could retrieve a backup of said file, as long as you had backed up the /Library/Application Support/Retrospect folder. I hadn't backed up said folder, since the Quick Start guide hadn't mentioned that little tidbit, and I hadn't been burned in this manner (yet). How much better for the average customer if there were a document or web site where one could read up on various bits of information that are necessary to operate this product? -paulj