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  1. ozgurerdogan

    Restoring to disimilar hardware?

    Yes I thought the same. But my problem is I guess, I am trying to restore from different virtualization platform. It is not Parallels virtuozzo to virtuozzo. It is from Virtuozzo to Proxmox. Let me ask you one more thing, If I restore only files not system state, does services and their settings like IIS, Dns Records also restores. Or restoring only files does not help to restore IIS, Dns etc.. Thanks in advance.
  2. ozgurerdogan

    Restoring to disimilar hardware?

    It is a windows machine. Actually it is a vps machine. But retrospect works great even it is vps. So I am trying to tread as physical machine to be able to migrate from parallels virtuozzo vps to proxmox vps system.
  3. Is is possible to restore image to a different server? What must be noted? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, I am trying to find a way to migrate our Virtuozzo box to Proxmox box as both are virtuazilation technology. Ok I backuped up windows virtuozzo box and restored to proxmox kvm vm, but after a successful restoration, I started windows in proxmox, I see two hardware profile but both of them makes a blue screen with config_initialization_failed. Any idea? Thanks in advance
  5. ozgurerdogan

    Disaster recovery linux? Possible?

    Thanks for reply. I am not very good at linux. But sfdisk -d sounds very reasonable. Ok after saving partition table and took full backup of all partitions, for disaster recovery, should I first restore the partition table and restore every partition from full backup? Would be very usefull and I want to test it locally. thanks in advance.
  6. ozgurerdogan

    Disaster recovery linux? Possible?

    Is that possible make a disaster recovery for linux ? If yes how pleasE? I see there are many partitions on linux. Should I install linux and restore every partition one-by-one? Thanks in advance