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    Retrospect 7.7 hangs under Windows 7 64bit

    I have Windows7 Home edition and it can create a system disk, which works just fine. I tried again yesterday to restore using Retrospect 7 and it hung again setting up to restore from selected files --------> Failure again
  2. drmpf123

    Retrospect 7.7 hangs under Windows 7 64bit

    I purchased a new acer revo computer with Windows 7 installed. I installed my upgraded Retrospect 7.7 directly (Retrospect 7.6 was not installed). I then created the Recovery CD and did a backup (using 7.7) to Drive D: I checked that the backup settings included Back up System State. Then rebooted from the Recovery CD and choose Restore Locally and Full recovery was greyed out. Could only restore Files and Folders. ==> Failure as a recovery process.
  3. I am running 7.6 on my WinXP notebook and so far no problems (except for the terrible user interface) But 7.7 on my new Win7 Acer REVO is un-reliable. Restores hang now and then and the Restore CD has the full system restore button greyout. So no good for recovery.
  4. drmpf123

    Retrospect 7.7 hangs under Windows 7 64bit

    I have just updated to 7.7.208 also and Retrospect hung trying to restore a V7.6 backup. I had selected the files/folders to restore and had clicked OK to overrite the existing files in a new location. I thought is was a version problem, but I tried again later and it started to restore. Also have a problem with the Restore CD not letting me restore the whole system. That button is greyed out, It will only let me restore files and floders. I am not impressed with this version of Retrospect and would not be using it if I could avoid it. If it does not improve I will have to use something else.
  5. I have just upgraded to 7.7.208 and burnt the CD recovery image that was included in the upgrade download. BUT when I run the CD it will only let me replace files and folders, I will not let me do a full system replace. That button is greyed out. Any ideas