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    Group Policy Initiated Install

    Does Retrospect 7.7 change any of the information discussed here? Does Retrospect properly support deployment via GPO's and has ISScript.msi been fixed to support GPO deployment? I do have access to the tools to create a custom MSI for the deployment, and an alternate deployment tool (BigFix) so if it doesn't properly support GPO's I'm can work around it, but I have to roll Retrospect out to just under 400 laptops so that they can be backed up prior to Whole Disk Encryption being installed on them.
  2. I do have "Automatically Add" enabled. It seems that the Public Key didn't copy in when the client was installed on Windows 7. Where should it go?
  3. Retrospect 7.7 Server still exhibits the same problem described above. I've tested my client installs on WinXP clients and it works fine there. When I TEST to my Win7 device, it finds and identifies the client, but when I try to ADD the client, it gives me the "Sorry, couldn't add backup client, error -560 (invalid private/public key). Anyone have any suggestions?