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    Show files on a certain member?

    Is there any way to show what files happen to be on a certain backup set member? I have a backup set which is an archive and throwing errors for one tape when I'm trying to restore a few files. I have a set of clones at home (thankfully, assuming they aren't messed up too) so I can probably get what I need, but I'd like to figure out what files are on this particular tape so I can restore all of them from my clones and then re-archive them to the other set on a new tape so I still have 2 copies. But it's a 5-tape set so I don't want to have to restore the entire set and figure it out myself by comparison to the catalog, especially since it's taking several minutes for Retrospect to try to restore each bad file (it gets stuck "Locating" while the tape flies back and forth, and then finally it finally gives up with a "Trouble positioning error" and then does it all again.)
  2. Retrospect Pro 7.7.562 on a Quantum LTO-5; When I use Archive Files and create a new backup set/add a member from the wizard, when I actually go to run the archive it tells me that the drive is busy and it will wait until it's not. But the drive isn't busy, and in fact if I pull up the Storage Devices window it shows it as "Ready." I have to quit Retrospect and do the Archive again for it to go.
  3. I just upgraded to Retrospect Pro 7.7 from 7.6. Using 'Find Files', I selected 4 backup sets (made under 7.6) to search for some archived folders not knowing which set they were in. Upon setting up the restore location and search criteria, I was presented with the summary Retrevial window and got the following: Notice that under Files Chosen that Project Arc 003 is shown twice, when in fact the last one should be Project Arc 004 which indeed has a few thousand files found. If I click the Files Chosen button I'll get a window showing the found contents of Project Arc 004. If I go back and remove Arc 003, I'll then properly see Arc 004. If I then go back and add Arc 003, it will show Arc 004 twice instead. If I add more than 4 backup sets, I'll see whichever is in the #3 slot twice and the rest are not shown at all. In any event I think 4 is the max number of backup sets I've ever searched for, but I am quite positive that under 7.6 it did properly show all 4 in the Retrieval window. This doubling of #3 is happening now in 7.7 (7.7.562 to be exact.) I was going to use the 'Contact Support' link but that form is a bit useless, you can only type 250 characters in for the problem description!
  4. ManChicken

    Retrospect backing up the same (unchanged) files

    Any other ideas on this? If I call Roxio are they going to ignore me unless I upgrade to 7.7 first?
  5. ManChicken

    Retrospect backing up the same (unchanged) files

    Backup File and Folder security information from Servers were both on, as was just Folder security from Workstations. I turned all of them off, and earlier today let it re-backup the files it really wanted to (plus a bunch of new stuff.) Now several hours later, I preview another backup and it's chosen a bunch more old files (about 2.5GB worth) it did just hours ago. Is the whole backup set "tainted" having been started with the security permissions on? All of the files it wants to re-backup that were just backed up for the first time a few hours ago were done so with the security settings all off... It seems like there has to be something else going on here. The timestamps match by hour/minute/second but does Retrospect go any more granular than that (rounding errors maybe?) I am 100% positive these files have not been touched.
  6. I am running Retrospect 7.6.123 Professional on Windows to back up a few project folders on a Linux server to LTO. The server is running Samba, providing a normal Windows share to the network... I'm not running a Retrospect "client" on the server, it's just accessing a share via UNC path. I'm always logged into the computer running Retrospect as the same user (and thus the server) so it should see the server the exact same way every time. When I run a backup, some files will randomly get selected for backup even though they have already been backed up and have not changed since they originally were.. if I pull up the properties for a file both from the Backup window and from the Session Contents/Snapshot when it was originally backed up, all of the timestamps are identical. Why is Retrospect thinking these files have changed? I cannot find any rhyme or reason to the files it chooses to select. The modified timestamps are the same, the file sizes are identical, the files haven't moved... The only possible thing I do see is the 'Accessed' time the files are new, but I see other files which it knows are already backed up which have newer Accessed timestamps than the timestamp they were originally backed up on so that shouldn't really have anything to do with it..? This is getting frustrating - I just ran a backup Friday night and when I do another preview 2 days later it's coming up with 27 random files that haven't been touched in months. In this case they're very small but sometimes it will come up with quite large ones.
  7. ManChicken

    Snapshots and Sessions?

    Well I think I get the distinction between sessions and snapshots, but my underlying question is why can I look at all of the files in any snapshot but when I go to restore those files I have to re-fetch the session contents off tape first (in the event the one I want is not already listed?)
  8. ManChicken

    Snapshots and Sessions?

    I have a backup set consisting of a series of LTO-3 tapes. For this set I typically have just used 'Archive Files' for dumping a project's data to LTO for long-term storage/backup as they are all very large media files that must be moved off the systems they came from when a project is complete. If I use "Session Contents" and select my backup set, I can see all of the sessions (11 so far), select any one and hit Browse, and see all of the files archived for that particular session. When it comes time to restore a project that I need to revise, I use Restore, select my backup set, then only see a handful of snapshots to choose from. If I hit 'More Snapshots', I see the full list of 11, but then have to Retrieve the one I want. So why is it that one knows (Session Contents), yet the other doesn't (Restore) and makes me shuttle the entire last tape in the set to fetch the snapshot, and then shuttle it back so I can put in the actual tape it needs to restore from?