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  1. Hi, formely I worked with Retrospect 7.6 Express under Vista OS. No problems at all. I run now Windows 7 64bit and Retrospect 7.6 Express didin't work properly anymore. So I bought Retrospect 7.7 and installed the most recent version: 7.7.208(64bit) and the driver update and hot fix: version When I make a immediate back up, after a while Retrospect makes my complete system hang :question: . Win 7 64bit External Drive: Iomega 750GB MDHD750-S
  2. Hi Jeff, I only tried to make a backup on the Iomega ext. drive. I don't have a free partition on my other HD's, so I can't compare. But before I installed Win7 64bit (Vista), there was no problem at all. I can write to another partition on the Iomega or on the same as where the backup should be saved on. So there is no problem with the Iomega, I assume.
  3. Hi Jeff (JMcIntire), in response to your questions: the 'hang' occurs after about 300MB of backing up. There are no asserts or errors. Everything becomes unresponsive. Win7x64 Home Premium