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  1. It took a little doing to get Retrospect 7.7 Pro to execute the very first time (used the Wizard and Advance mode to write script). I made certain the Maxtor II external hard drive, was installed and was selected as the desitination storage device. For some reason, the script would not execute - not sure what I did that finally got the backup to run. Actually made certain the backup occurred to the external drive. Four days later when the scheduled script ran, it backed up the C: drive onto the the C: drive. Even though the external hard drive was powered on,and a script was entered, Retrospect never performed the backup to the correct (J:) drive. When I opened the Storage devices/environment, Maxtor was not listed. At this point, I need help as to why the external hard drive is not listed and why the backup never accessed the correct storage. Additionaly, how do I locate and delete the 2nd backup that is stored on the main (C:) drive? What do I need to do to keep this from happening in the future? Thanks!