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  1. Kcaldera

    Backups Over Wifi

    What do the clients do when they go to another network and plug in there? They won't get a static IP and won't have DHCP either??? Or, do you mean that you are assigning static IP addresses to the machines specific Mac address, and then adding to Retro using the assigned IP. That is how my friend does it, and according to him it works great over Wireless if you have to go that route.
  2. Kcaldera

    Multicast Client Locating Still Flaky In Retro 9

    They are Mac laptops, all different models, all different OS versions. (OSX 10.5 and 10.6). The wireless adapter is at the top of the adapter list. The wireless network, is at the top of the recent networks list. My friend who also supports Retro 8 has the same issue. He got around it by assigning specific IP addresses to the Mac addresses of the wireless clients.
  3. That is good to hear James. So you definitely have to remove "ALL" Restrospect files when troubleshooting issues. Starting to sound like an Adobe product. I have never been able in the admin console to change a client name, I have had to do it the way I listed previously.
  4. Kcaldera

    Engine Prevents Shutdown

    Check "Activity Monitor" and see if the retroengine process is causing the processor to spike 100%+ I noticed that when the Retrospect admin console is not responding, you can usually find the retroengine process spiking the processor. The easy fix is to quit the process in Activity Monitor. Also, our MacMini server takes 5-12 to restart on its own, and its because of Retro. Just be patient and give it 20min to see if your server does indeed restart.
  5. Kcaldera

    Support From Retrospect

    Sounds like you are having DNS issues or Proxy settings issues... 1. Does the problem only happen on one computer? 2. Does the problem only occur at one location, like work or home? 3. Can you resolve other web sites, or do they have the same issue? 4. What browser are you using? Thanks
  6. Kcaldera

    Multicast Client Locating Still Flaky In Retro 9

    This is one of the things that I hate about Retrospect. I should not have to shell out more money for another product to get Retro to work to begin with. But, that is a complaint for another thread. Also, when the laptops are working on wireless the backups will fail about %50 of the time. That is another known failure of Retrospect. I have instructed the users to turn off their wireless when at their desks. Do users listen? Thats another complaint, for another thread.
  7. Kcaldera

    Multicast Client Locating Still Flaky In Retro 9

    I have always had the same issue with Retro 8. My friend who had the same issue was able to get around it by having his Firewall/Router assign specific IP addresses to the machines specific Mac address. This way, you can tell Retro to add sources by specific IP address, and it will always find the machine based on that address. My problem was that my Firewall/Router appliance did not support that feature and I could not assign specific IP's to specific Mac addresses. Also, this works great in a small company, but try using that with a large corp and you are going to pull your hair out. Thanks
  8. In Retrospect 8 I had to do it the following way. I wonder if it is still the same in Retro 9? 1. Remove the source from Retro Server. 2. Go to the client machine and uninstall Retrospect, make sure to restart. 3. After restart, rename the machine if so desired. 4. Reinstall Retrospect client. BTW: After you reinstall the Retro client, you will have the opportunity to create the password that Retro asks for when adding sources. 5. Re-add back to the server from the Sources menu. Let us know if that works. Thanks
  9. Kcaldera

    Dear God Fix This Software

    I have problems 2,3,4, on a weekly bases, so I too am checking on the backups almost every day. I have found a common list of solutions to "unstick" Retrosuck from those issues... Start by restarting your Retrosuck server... Rebuild and repair your media sets or catalogs... Completely recycle the media set and reboot Retrosuck. Remove and re-add client and reboot Retrosuck again. If all else fails, walk away as it will magically start working in a couple hours, or repeat the above steps the next day. Unfortunately with Retrosuck 9 being out, Retrosuck 8 will be left lame and half dead by the way side. Thousands of dollars spent on a product that never worked, and was never fixed.
  10. Kcaldera

    Retro 9 Upgrade Pricing Feedback

    -Yes, and Retro 8 contained some major upgrades as compared to Retro 6, but Retro 8 still turned out to be junk. So, this argument does not float when it comes to getting people to pay more money for a product that did not work to begin with. The problem is that we were sold a bill of goods that never panned out. Retro 6 may have been feature lite, but it work, and worked well. Just because the package was redesigned and given bright new colors, does not mean the product is any good. I have struggled with Retro 8 for two years now and have yet to be satisfied in the least. We keep hearing that updates are going to be released and bugs fixed, but you may as well tell me the "chupacabra" has been captured alive and well for everyone to see. It seems to me that the ball was dropped with Retro 8, and dropped hard. I still have been unable to understand why Retro 6 worked, but the same could not be done with Retro 8? Why Retro 7 for Windows is great, but we can't have the same type of reliability on the Mac side? It looks like EMC and now Roxio are pulling out plays from Microsoft's book on how to get suckers like us to keep paying for junk software. If you don't upgrade to Retro 9 you will be SOL because they are going to completely stop supporting Retro 8 anyway. Having to pay for an upgrade to a product that never worked right to begin with, is down right fraudulent! my 2 cents...