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  1. Same; fresh install of Win2012R2 and now it can't see the LTO drive (interestingly it sees the tape library, but not the drive itself). Not terribly helpful!
  2. Since I have upgraded to 11.5, when trying to restore a snapshot from tape, I don't get the "insert tape X" as i used to do until i cancel the restore (then it pops up and shows that dialog, but obviously it is too late and just goes away). Seems like the GUI is not reacting correctly to query during the operation. Anyone else seen this?
  3. Do you have a method to deliver MSI's to your boxes? I use PDQ Deploy and just write a script to install the MSI silently, ie: msiexec.exe /i "Retrospect Client 11.5.msk" ALLUSERS=1 /qn /norestart /log output.log RebootYesNo=NO That installs the newest client and restarts the service regardless of who logs in (obviously you deliver it w/admin account). Macs don't require admin - you can just do that from the client itself in Retrospect, though you could do a similar push thing w/ARD or something like Munki.
  4. sbeliever

    Best Practice question

    apparently i do have a defective dell server, but at least the replacement is on the way. ugh...what a waste of time... but, that being said, i am also going to stay on 7.6.123 for the time being. i was also (finally) able to get both drobo's to show up correctly via iSCSI (though beware there is a defect in the dashboard software wherein they won't both show up using iSCSI; they will w/usb and FW). i have the latest 1.1.5 firmware on teh drobo and haven't noticed a slowdown but then i haven't had it up long enough to have a good baseline. i did, however, disable RSS on the interfaces as that does sound like a good solution. btw, what kind of performance are you seeing in retrospect in your setup? i am curious to try to gauge where people are w/their particular systems (understanding the enormous differences). thanks, sj
  5. sbeliever

    Best Practice question

    ramon, fantastic; thanks for your input and info. it has just been really difficult to diagnose where our breakdown was occurring and your info was helpful. we have a new quad core xeon 2.4ghz dell poweredge w/8gb RAM, win 2008 x64, two server grade network cards and two drobo pro's (though using just one currently). we were getting spontaneous reboots with nary a clue about what the culprit was (nothing in the windows logs, retro logs, etc). i did go back to retro 7.6 and it seems much more stable at this point. i am wondering if we could get more executions working if we assigned executions per specific drobo unit (3x to each), which might help our throughput. haven't gotten that far yet, as i still think we have a bad RAM scenario preventing us from using all 8GB (but the dell guy should be here monday to take care of that). you didn't mention which version of retro you are using. we have used 7.6 on our previous system w/almost never an issue. due to some of the posts on the forum i decided to run it instead of 7.7 (which i had originally been testing). thoughts? thanks,s
  6. sbeliever

    Best Practice question

    hi ramon88, wow...that is a major drag about the concurrency, though that is what i am finding here too. i have 3 running concurrently pretty easily but any more than that starts to get VERY iffy. i did just update the drobo firmware this morning and i think that has made some difference as well. i was just curious if you have anything to add on this topic since your last post. and thanks for it...it really helped out figuring out where my problems were.
  7. sbeliever

    Does 7.7 fix freeze bug??

    any more thoughts on this? i have a new dell poweredge t110 running win 2008 x64, retro 7.7.208, and a drobo pro. i can't run four simultaneous backups w/o retro quitting or freezing the system. i have tried both iscsi and firewire for the drobo pro, and i'm fairly convinced it isn't that. now i can't get even one "immediate backup" to complete w/o retro just shutting down. VERY frustrating. will retro 7.6 run on this in x32 bit mode? i'm at the point of trying anything to get going again. even going back to the old system