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  1. Just wanted to let all know that I had great experience with 7.7.325. (release notes indicates somebody worked on this issue !) 2 drives, both HL-DT-ST GH22NS50: In the device status window, only one drive of the 2 appeared. The two drives appeared in Environment. Out of the 2, only one did start custom configuration when I clicked the configure button. (the other one behaved just like with 7.7.208) ONCE I configured the one that would start the configure process and went ahead with a DVD+DL AND exitted / re-opened retrospect, both drives appeared and showed as configured in Environment and Status window. Backup and Transfer worked ! I have not tried my HL-DT-ST GWA-4083B but I clicked configure for it and it did start the execution of custom configuration. Good sign ! Thanks a lot to all !
  2. On my side, I did some more testing, Tried 2 more unsupported DVDs and the configure button does absolutely nothing. I tried 1 more unsupported DVD on an XP machine with 7.7.208 and same issue as on Windows 7. Configure button does nothing. Tried a supported drive on Win 7. Works as expected. There's really something going on with the configure button on 7.7.208. Anybody else has this with drives that they used to be able to use with a custom config on an earlier version of retrospect ???
  3. Thanks for the response Russ. I do understand all this and have custom configured drives before. Some have failed, other have worked. My concern is more that when I click "Configure", nothing happens... where with all drives I have configured before, I was asked to put in a disc at minimum... My concern is that I am not even getting an error message stating that configuration failed... I have a feeling there's an issue with that Configure button and really not much is happening when I click it... Feeling it could be a Windows 7 sort of problem if you know what I mean.. I will hookup a Pioneer DVR-107D to this machine and see if the configure button does anything.
  4. Thanks for your reply but I honestly don't belive this is where the issue is. Retrospect has a custom configure function just for that reason. Also, the actual process of custom configuring does not take place at all. After clicking Configure, the window immediately close and I'm back to device environment window without an error ! I don't believe any drive would custom configure at this point.
  5. I am having a very similar problem. New Windows 7 Professional system with Retrospect 7.7 Pro with latest updates (7.7.208). When I go to devices then Environment, I choose one of my 3 DVD-R drive and click the Configure Optical Drive Icon. A window appears with 3 buttons (Configure, Delete and Cancel). When I click Configure, absolutely nothing happens. No error message, no event log, nothing in retrospect own log. My BIOS was initially set to SATA configured as IDE. I have since changed this to SATA as AHCI and loaded Windows 7 ahci drivers. All drives now work as AHCI within Windows but same problem in Retrospect. 2 of my drives are SATA. --- HL-DT-ST GH22NS50 Suspecting SATA was the issue, I have also connected an older drive on IDE. Same issue. --- HL-DT-ST GWA-4083B Hope this helps determine what may be causing the issue. I you need any help testing or need more details, please advise. Thanks