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  1. It's is funny that only DVD+R and DVD+R DL seems to work because I was able to restore files from DVD-R using the same optical drive that I'm currently using. At that time I was using Retrospect 7.0 running under Windows XP 32-bit. I've never had any problems reading my archives. I've had problems since I migrated to Windows 7 and Retrospect 7.7 I'll probably have to restore GIGs worth of data on my old computer and redo the archives using DVD+R media. That way I'm sure it will all work. Now I only need loads of time to do all that :eyes: Thanks for the help Russ. I really appreciate it! Sylvain
  2. I have tried to rebuild the catalog files using the optical drive but I always get a message that the media content is corrupted. I'm unable to rebuild the catalog that way. To make everything work I think I might need to restore those catalogue files on my old PC and then redo an archive using either DVD+R or DVD+R DL since I can restore files from both those media types. The biggest problem in all that is the time it will actually take to redo the archives.
  3. Warspite

    Problem with the custom configuration in Windows 7

    I have tried the custom configuration button with my old drive and it worked. It seems that the button works only for some drives in Retrospect 7.7
  4. Warspite

    Problem with the custom configuration in Windows 7

    I will try that and post the results here. Sylvain
  5. Like the title says I'm getting the error -105 unexpected end of data when trying to restore files from a DVD-R media. I'm using a HP DVD1040 connected to a USB enclosure and my OS is Windows 7 home premium 64-bit. The optical drive I use actually comes from my old tower which was running Retrospect 7.0 under Windows XP home edition 32-bit. Since I could not use the custom configuration with Retrospect 7.7 I had to use my old drive to be able to actually use the software. When I first received this error I thought that my archives were corrupted or that the USB enclosure was creating a bug so I did a little test to check it out. I reconnected the USB enclosure on my old XP machine and tried to restore files from my DVD-R media and it worked as expected. I received no error message at all so I know the archives AND the enclosure works fine. Both machine use the same RDI file created under Windows XP and both use the same drive. Is there a way to make Retrospect 7.7 restore my files from a DVD-R?? I'd like to use my new Windows 7 machine exclusively to restore and do backups but right now I have to work with 2 machines and 2 versions of the software to be able to do everything I was doing before with Retrospect 7.0 Thanks!
  6. Warspite

    Problem with the custom configuration in Windows 7

    I have found a work-around in order to use Retrospect 7.7 since I still can't use the custom configuration option. I took the old RDI file created on my old Windows XP machine and I copied it to my new Windows 7 station. I then removed my optical drive from the XP machine and used a USB enclosure which was hooked to the new Win 7 machine. Retrospect was able to associate the RDI file with my old optical drive and I can now do and restore backups. But since nothing is ever easy I have discovered another bug when trying to restore files from a DVD-R media. I will start another topic on this subject in order to keep this thread on topic.
  7. Warspite

    Problem with the custom configuration in Windows 7

    I will check out the official support and see what happens. Don't know if I'll be able to report this without paying for the tech support. Maybe I could try customer service and hope they forward the message to tech support.
  8. Warspite

    Problem with the custom configuration in Windows 7

    Is there a device that I can buy that would make my old internal DVD drive into an external drive that I could plug using the USB ports on my computer? The list of supported drive in SATA DVD DL is down to only one model (Pioneer DVR-215D)and it dosen't seem to be a model that is sold at my usual computer shops. I normally use DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD DL for my backups and the old HP DVD1040 was able to use all that in Retrospect 7.0 If nothing works I think I'll have to ask for a refund and do my backups with another software from now on.
  9. Warspite

    Problem with the custom configuration in Windows 7

    That's exactly what it does on my system also. I wanted to test the DVD drive that was running my Retrospect 7.0 on my old PC but it is ATAPI and I can't connect it to the new computer. That drive was a HP DVD1040 and I didn't have any problems configuring it with Retrospect. On a side note, I tried uninstalling the software and use the software before it was updated to the 208 version and it didn't work either. The problem is extremely annoying because I work in the printing industry and I use my backups on a daily basis. A client will need some business cards that are in one of my archives but I can't access them because the software won't configure my DVD drive. I see my catalogues and old scripts without a problem though. I hope someone has a fix or information concerning that problem.
  10. I just bought a new computer running Windows 7 home edition and I'm having a problem doing the custom configuration for my DVD drive. The drive is a SATA HP DVD A DH16AAL and when I click on the "configure button" it does nothing. There is no window popping-up to ask what sort of media I want to use with my drive. Is there a workarond for this? I don't want to buy a new DVD drive since the one I have is brand new. I also have the latest updates from Retrospect. I hope someone can help me out. I also would not want to return the software and ask for a refund because right now it is unusable. Thanks!