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  1. I reluctantly purchased Retrospect again after many years of usage, and many problems with Mac OS and tape drives. After scrapping the tape drive, I decided to use an NAS drive (TS3400D Buffalo), purchased Retrospect (hoping it would work) and I made a script to backup two G-raid Studio Drives connected to two different MacPro computers. I added in the sources list, the two G-raid Studio drives to get backed up. I also added the share from the TS3400D Buffalo NAS drive so Retrospect could back up the two G-raid Studio drives to the NAS drive. I created a script, selected the G-raid drives, created a media set with the share from the TS3400. I start the script, it scans the first G-raid Studio Drive and then when it is ready to back it up, it wants "media". So I select "media" and a window pops up wanting to know where the file "1-2015Backups" is. So I see it clearly in Retrospect, and select it, and it still wants media. I have been deleting scripts and making new ones everyday for the past month and still have not successfully gotten an unattended backup. I have no idea why it won't backup the G-raid to the TS3400D Buffalo NAS drive when Retrospect is clearly connected to it and can see where it needs to go. Does anyone have any ideas why this isn't working? I have contacted support a few times and nothing gets solved. I am at the end of my rope, either someone here can get me over the hump, or I am going to stop trying to use Retrospect and then find another software to do backups. Installed the software at end of November 2014 and have tried almost everyday since to get a backup. Anyone out there know why or what I have to do to make it work? I am also wondering, would it work, if I purchased the Window OS version instead of the Mac OS? Is it possible that Retrospect have issues with the NAS drive I have? I have no clue, the only thing I know, I have not had one backup yet after over a month. Using Mac OS 10.10.1, peer to peer network with over 30 computers, both Mac OS and Windows OS. I have included screen shots of what it looks like and you can clearly see that the file it is asking for is showing up in Retrospect.