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  1. Some background on my setup: I have an iMac and an external 60G hard drive. Here's what I want to do: back up my iMac's data in the wee hours of the morning onto the external hard drive. I read that Retrospect is supposed to only update files that have been changed, but whenever I run a daily script, it goes through every file. Also, instead of creating a new backup each time, I want it to just replace the old one. Is this possible? I thought maybe that was what the recycle operation was for, but when I tried that it just repeated the same backup as normal. I also repeatedly get a "trouble communicating" error message at the same time on a particular folder. I tried restarting my computer per the reference guide's instructions, but that didn't help. Also getting a "file not found" error message for the same files every time. Ran first aid and found no problems. Thanks for your help. Devin