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    Polling repeats 7.5.508 HF7.5.13.100

    Be careful that your backup set does not exceed 4,000,000 files and/or 500 sessions. I've been told by tech support that some of my issues were probably caused by not having enough backup sets.
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    share your custom reports

    I am working on a Perl script that parses BackupReport.log and outputs an HTML file. The ReportsWatcher is too unreliable and, well, lousy. It isn't pretty yet, but people are welcome to it. It could serve as the framework for a really great report generation tool.
  3. Backup server: 64-bit Windows 2008 Server Standard, SP2 32 gigs of RAM Dual 2.50 GHz XEON CPUs Gobs of free HDD space Retrospect 7.7.208 64-bit This has happened three times now. I will connect to my backup server to check up on things (lately I feel like the parent of a newborn baby..) and notice that Retrospect is no longer running. There are no error windows, as I am used to seeing with the recently fixed memory leak. Task manager confirms that the process is simply closed. I re-open Retrospect and check the event log to see where things left off. Each time, it shows that it was working on a Linux client. Twice it was the same RHEL box, and once it was a Fedora machine. I have tech support on this... but maybe someone has an idea for me. Thanks, Sean
  4. I am experiencing this same issue. I call tech support almost daily for an update on the situation. Earlier today I was told the same thing I've been told for the past week: the engineers are aware of it, and it is a high priority bug. -Sean