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  1. Retrospect 10.0.1(105) picked up and used an LTO-4 tape that didn't have a barcode label. Staff since added the barcode label to the tape. The barcode label isn't reflected in Retrospect interface. Anyway the barcode label can be reflected in the Retrospect 10.0.1(105) interface?
  2. Does anyone have an idea what "error -557" means or how to resolve the problem? Thanks. - 15/05/12 9:12:18 AM: Copying mel.precinct.com.au on mel.precinct.com.au !Trouble reading files, error -557 ( transaction already complete) 15/05/12 10:28:36 AM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 784573 files, 4 TB Completed: 34472 files, 138.5 GB Performance: 1,971.9 MB/minute Duration: 01:16:17 (00:04:21 idle/loading/preparing) - 16/05/12 11:26:05 PM: Copying mel.precinct.com.au on mel.precinct.com.au !Trouble reading files, error -557 ( transaction already complete) 17/05/12 12:22:22 AM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 788086 files, 4 TB Completed: 33927 files, 111.4 GB Performance: 2,204.4 MB/minute Duration: 00:56:16 (00:04:32 idle/loading/preparing) - 17/05/12 11:26:45 PM: Copying mel.precinct.com.au on mel.precinct.com.au !Trouble reading files, error -557 ( transaction already complete) 17/05/12 11:48:12 PM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 807862 files, 4.1 TB Completed: 15807 files, 35.6 GB Performance: 2,139.1 MB/minute Duration: 00:21:27 (00:04:24 idle/loading/preparing)
  3. I accidentally used "Clear Barcodes" (see Retrospect 9 User's Guide, page 62). Retrospect now ignores the bar codes associated with these LTO-4 tapes. Does anyone now how I get Retrospect 9.0.1 to recognise the barcodes associated with these tapes? HP StorageWork MSL4048 Tape Library (48-slot) Sam Melbourne, Australia
  4. I think I fixed the problem by removing and re-seating the SCSI cable. It was odd that Retrospect could see the LTO-4 drive but not the library.
  5. Oh my Retrospect 9 woes continue. Retrospect 9 (319) can't see LTO-4 (SCSI) tape library. I've tried rebooting Xserve. I've tried rebooting tape library. Server Hardware Apple Xserve Intel (Model Identifier: Xserve2,1), 4GB RAM. Mac OS 10.7.3 Server Atto Technology ExpresPCI UL5D PCI SCSI card Tape Library HP StorageWorks MSL4048 2 LTO-4 Ultrium 1840 Tape Library (SCSI) Product ID: MSL G3 Series Currently Installed Library Firmware: 7.80 / 3.10e Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks, Sam
  6. Kawshus, I don't have Retrospect 9 client installed on the server computer. I'm afraid your suggestion doesn't seem applicable.
  7. I'm having trouble starting (and stopping) Retrospect 9 engine (version 319). Not sure if it is related to recent Mac OS 10.7.3 Server upgrade or not. See attached screen snapshot. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Anyone have a solution?
  8. samvenning

    Really Disappointed in 8.2 update

    I lodged a "Roxio Customer Care" ticket three days ago (to do with Retrospect engine crashing) and no one has got back to me. Not impressed with Roxio Retrospect "Customer Care".
  9. samvenning

    Really Disappointed in 8.2 update

    I agree... CrashPlanPro isn't suited to archive. It is *backup* solution only. I need a backup solution that actually works. Retrospect just isn't robust enough... isn't reliable enough. Real World Example 1 My Retrospect 8.2 proactive backup schedule has stopped... no clue in the GUI as to why. Real World Example 2 I have to maintain Retrospect for past archives. So I either run Retrospect 6.2 on Mac OS 10.5 or I rebuilding my LTO-2 catalogs in Retrospect 8.2. Rebuilding catalog files is taking a looooonnnng time. Retrospect 8.2 doesn't work reliably with either of my autoloaders (either Overland LoaderXpress or HP StorageWorks MSL4048 2 LTO-4 Ultrium 1840 Tape Library). Retrospect 8.2 engine often crashes when changing tapes. So I instead use a standalone external LTO-2 drive and change tapes manually. I was rebuilding the catalog for a 15 tape LTO-2 archive and Retrospect 8.2 crashed on the last tape before finishing.... so I start again.
  10. samvenning

    Really Disappointed in 8.2 update

    In my example above (with picture) clicking "OK" did nothing (despite having the media ready). But clicking "Cancel" caused Retrospect 8.2 to use the tape and continue. Actually, the Retrospect engine had recognised the tape and continued with rebuilding the catalog... the GUI caught up. Psssst. Crash Plan Pro is looking more and more attractive. If you missed this years MacSysAdmin conference in Sweden, or even if you went but want the materials... you can find pdf's and videos of the sessions online (link below). Take a look as there's a wide variety of Mac administration topics covered. The very first session "Day1LunchSession.mov" covers CrashPlanPro. Read between the lines and the presenter is strongly suggesting Retrospect was the solution everyone relied on but CrashPlanPro looks like the "modern", "better" backup solution (don't think it is an archive solution). http://documentation.macsysadmin.se/ http://macsysadmin.se/
  11. samvenning

    Really Disappointed in 8.2 update

    Lots of little things about Retrospect 8.2 still frustrate me. • Retrospect engine crashes from time to time. • Retrospect console tends to crash when dragging tapes to drive. • Rebuilding tape catalog "Choose Media" dialog box becomes unresponsive. For example, clicking "OK" button in example doesn't do anything.
  12. samvenning

    Really Disappointed in 8.2 update

    Retrospect 8.2 is a HUGE improvement over version 8.0 but it still crashes too often (both Retrospect GUI and Retrospect engine). I had hoped Roxio might release another incremental update to sort out the remaining glitches. Perhaps after the many failed promises of updates with the 8.2 release the development team has decided to be quiet about potential dates for another update.
  13. Dragging tapes from autoloader magazine slot to drive (LTO-4) often (but not always) causes Retrospect 8.2 to crash. I wish there was an easier way of moving tapes around that doesn't require a click-and-drag-mouse movement. Perhaps "Move to drive 1" in a contextual menu? Sam
  14. samvenning

    Retro 8.2 restore from 6.x media

    Good Experience I have successfully rebuilt catalogs of LTO4 media (created using Retrospect 6.2) using Retrospect 8.2 running in Intel Xserve (connected to HP StorageWorks MSL4048 2 LTO-4 Ultrium 1840 Tape Library, SCSI) Not So Good Experience However, on server in our other office I am having trouble rebuilding catalog of LTO2 media (created using Retrospect 6.2) connected to an Overland LoaderXpress, SCSI. The rebuild stops at different points during the rebuild (I've tried it several times). The autoloader simply reports "Loader Idle". Hmmmm not happy. I'll arrange for the tapes to be sent to other office and try it on the Xserve (Intel) running Retrospect 8.2 connected to HP StorageWorks.
  15. samvenning

    Thoughts for the future

    Is there an easier way of loading a tape from an autoloader slot to the drive instead of dragging the tape icon? I find if I don't get the move perfectly timed Retrospect quits unexpectedly. Perhaps right-clicking a tape the contextual menu could include "Move to drive" option? Minor suggestion... I feel very uneasy with the "Erase" button right next to the "Scan" and "Eject" buttons. Can the "Erase" button be moved to the far right area?