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  1. The WinPE Retrospect used is similar to Windows Vista. So if windows Vista can't recognize your HDD automatically, Retrospect WinPE can't either. If this is your case, I think you have to manually install driver for your HDD on the Retrospect WinPE. By the way, there is a button in the emergency recovery environment to do so.
  2. Xianfeng

    Windows 7 Restore Using Emergency Recovery Disc Won't Boot

    Hi, Although I am not from Retrospect team, I still want to shed some lights on this. As I observed, for the Win7 emergency recovery, Retrospect CD will ignore the destination you selected. Instead, it will restore the whole image to the oringinal hard disk (I mean the phisical position in BIOS, disk0, disk1...) So in your case, 1. Disconnect your oringinal hard disk first where your old C drive lies on, and then connect the new disk on the SATA point freed from your oringinal disk. 2. In the Restore Wizard, create an temporary empty partition and make it as the destination, then do the restore. Retrospect will wiped the temproary partition away and recreate all partitions, restore all files/foders back. Hope this can help and good luck!
  3. Hi John, As I know, "Event Log Writer" is a component of Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service to backup the content in the "Windows Event Viewer". The failure is always caused by the corrupted Windows Event Viewer. Could you have to try to open Windows Event Viewer on your machine to see if it works correctly or corrupted? If it is really corrupted, you can follow the Microsoft KB to fix the issue, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/172156 Thanks, Xianfeng
  4. For the issue #1, I didn't meet the issue before. how many NICs in your machine? Have your tried other machines inside your LAN to see if they can get IP address? For the issue #2, I understand your issue now. Since you don't have a WinPE driver file for the storage device, you can't do local Recovery. What I can imagine is that if issue #1 can be resolved, you can use another machine running Retrospect to connect to it and do remote Recovery. So issue #1 is the key.
  5. For issue #1, do you have DHCP server in your LAN? For issue #2, have you tried the "Load driver for network card..." to install the driver of your machine?
  6. Xianfeng

    Copying a backup disk

    Very glad to hear it works again. Cheers!
  7. Xianfeng

    Copying a backup disk

    Hi Jeff, What do you mean by "it doesn't work"? I guess Retrospect complains that "Backup set memember is missing", right? If yes, I have the following suggestions: First, you should ensure the drive letter is identical after the replacement. Second, if Retrospect still complains "memeber missing", Configure->Backup Sets->Properties...->Members->OK (with nothing change) Thanks. Xianfeng
  8. Xianfeng

    Backup by creation date/date modified

    It is a little weird. I have tried 7.6.123 and it works for me. What is your Retrospect version?
  9. Xianfeng

    Backup by creation date/date modified

    Did you try "Selector"? I think it is exactly what you want. Configure->Selectors->Add->Universal:Date (modify date >= 1/1/2007)
  10. Hi John, The problem you met is a little weird. I don’t know why so far, but there is a work around here, After completely booted from Emergency Recovery CD (the wizard UI shows up), the Emergency Recovery CD can be removed from your CD-Rom. That means you can insert another CD which contains driver files for your second computer. I know this is an ugly workaround, but I believe it should work. In addition, for mapping the UNC path, make sure your network card has already been loaded successfully first. Otherwise mapping UNC path operation won’t succeed. To check if your network card is working correctly, you can perform the “Restore as clientâ€, if IP address is retrieved, that means your network card works correctly. Hope this can help. Xianfeng
  11. Understood. I think only YK60X86.inf, YK60X86.sys and YK60X86.CAT are required. Please copy only these 3 files onto an folder of a flash drive and try again. If still no success, please try to download the driver installation package somewhere and extract (don't install it, just extract) these 3 files onto the flash drive and try again. Good luck, John and let us know the result.
  12. 0x800700002 means "Cannot find the file specified". I guess the cause is either your .inf file is wrong or some required driver files are missing. In addition, make sure all required driver files (.inf, .sys, .cat ...) are placed under the same folder.
  13. Xianfeng

    Installing retro emergency recovery CD

    You should burn the unzipped files and folders onto an writable CD or DVD. Actually this newly burned bootable CD is called Emergency Recovery CD. To finish the Emergency Revovery process, you should boot your machine from Emergency Recovery CD and follow the Emergency Recovery Wizard.