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  1. I believe the 7.7 client is different enough that it can't be pushed out. Or at least, my results were the same as yours and the only solution I found was to upgrade the client, then re-add those machines. Just one more problem in the latest upgrade mess. I could live with it if it was JUST this one problem, but the others are show stoppers.
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    Updates on bugs?

    Actually, some of us users appreciate you whining a lot. I have exactly the same issues and I basically had to tell all my customers that they are running completely unprotected for now, with no ETA for them to GET backed up. We've been using Retrospect for client backup for years and this is the first time I've felt like pulling the plug and moving to something else.
  3. I seem to be having exactly the same problem - a "retry" causes it to skip back to the top of the list, so some users (like my own test account) never get backed up.