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    RetroLaunch Service

    Retrolaunch service (Retrospect Launcher) runs all the time in my installation of Retrospect 7.7.023 x64. That precludes loading the update 7.7.208 unless the service is stopped. It will not stop, stating "no authority" to stop it. Is Retrolaunch service supposed to run all the time or only when Retrospect is actually launching. Do I have a faulty install and what should I do. Someone in EMC should know this.
  2. jmdavidson

    Cannot load 7.7.208UG

    Loading of 7.7.208 halted because Retrolaunch service 1936 running. In Task Manager find Retrolaunch 1936 service is marked as running but cannot stop it - Access Denied, even though am Administrator. Service is under N/A for group. In Win7 x64 how do I stop this service so I can load the upgrade. Also, on halt it was called a Process (ID 1936), not a Service - I have no such process, only a Retrolaunch service 1936.