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  1. Running Retrospect 7.7.208 multi-server. Seems Retrospect is repeatedly issuing cleaning commands to my tape library, which will expire my cleaning tape overnight. I get the following in the Retrospect logs, one about every 5 minutes: "12:28:40 AM: Drive "IBM Ultrium 4 DC, ID 2:24:0" was cleaned." This keeps going until the cleaning tape is expired. I thought at first, maybe my tape library is doing it by itself, but the firmware for the library is not set to auto-clean, and it appears Retrospect is issuing the commands to clean. Any advice?
  2. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this issue? It wasn't an issue until I updated to 7.7.208. Keith
  3. The behavior seems to be this: It will allow one execution per proactive backup script (because I only have one backup set assigned per backup script). When it finds another available client to backup in the same backup script, it sets the status of "retry" , but instead of skipping over it to retry that client later, it just goes back to the top of the polling queue. It's not just a specific client, because that "retry" client does eventually hit execution after the previous clients that took up the execution slot finished. Then when polling finds another client for that backup script that could be backed up, it hits retry and goes back to the top of the queue again.
  4. I should probably add that I haven't change anything to my proactive backup scripts. Everything was working OK in 7.7.203 (with the exception of crashing daily). Seems to be an issue with 7.7.208. I tried recreating my proactive scripts in 7.7.208 to see if could help. Nothing is helping.
  5. Am running multi-server windows , update 7.7.208. I have several proactive backup scripts with lots of clients. The polling will start, but will hit a machine a few slots down the polling list, and gets a status of "retry", so the polling starts back up at the top. Polling never gets below that machine into other proactive scripts, so there's lots of machines on my network not getting backed up. Advice? Keith