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  1. My apologies: I was not clear in my posting.


    My situation's the following:

    - Retrorspect server's prefs went belly-up. After making a new prefs, I recreated all scripts, reentered into the database existing catalogues, reentered the clients, run verifications, etc.

    - One of the users at the same time run an upgrade of her 10.2.x station to the Panther. I do not want to go here on a ~$130 rant...


    After the upgrade, the Retroclient did not want to run, complianing that it "was installed without administrative rights". I suspect the OS might be right - as far as I know, root privileges are reset to some extent during the upgrade.


    So, my question is: what can be done to tell the OS that the cleint _was_installed with admin rights?


    Now, my _scripts_ are new, but the catalogues are old. I.e., if I am reinstalling the client, even with the same parameters, my assumption that Retrospect will see it as completely new entry (seen it on one of WXP Pro recently, earlier - on Linux). I.e., I'll end up with one more copy of user's files on the tapes (~40GB, half-a-backup window). In addition, when (not if...) I will need to restore, I'll have to compare _two_filesets.


    If it is not the case, please make me happy by telling that...


    Thank you in advance,

  2. Hello, everybody!


    Recently, one of the users upgraded her station from 10.2.x to Panther. As an expected result, Retrospect refuses to run, claiming that "the client was installed without administrative rights". I assume it caused by much needed security updates in Panther.


    I can reinstall the client, but then the catalogue will see it as a new client, i.e., will push everything to the tape. I would rather avoid it.


    Is there any workaround known that will allow me to tweak with rights of _previously_installed_ Retrospect?


    I would love also to hear that OS X and Linux clients do not require anymore root rights _on_access_. It's hard to explain to the security-conscious user that I promise to forget her password immediately...


    Best regards!

  3. I would like to back up SGI IRIX 6.x machine from W2k Retrospect 6.0 Multiserver's tape drive. So, here it goes:


    - Am I correct that in order to back it up as a volume (i.e., user data only), I will have to run a SAMBA server on it?

    - The user is reluctant (I do understand her) give to the backup machine root login, because we were unable to set both sides for encrypted connection.


    Your help and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  4. ssevenup said:"debug" version of the client or a "logger"...


    Multiserver 5.x-6.0.x: Hitting Ctrl-P-P (fast P twice while holding Ctrl) will bring a "hidden" prefs, where one can select logging level for different parts of Retrospect. I'm afraid that what's in the client/network logs can make sense to the Dantz developers - I did not see any resemblance with packet-analyzer tools I know.


    However, HTH

  5. For me, these errors appeared as the following:


    1. Corrupted _anything_ in clients' file system.

    Are there stray .CHK files in the root? Does the machine return file access errors under normal usage?

    Solution: Scandisk or NDD and defragmentation; registry check with Norton WinDoctor or similar helps, too.


    2. Multiuser and credentilas issues NT/2K/XP stations:

    - Client installation was performed by user whose credentials were elevated to local administrator, then user was removed from admin group.

    Solution: full uninstall of the client under first local admin credentials. It may require some registry tweaks, I can't recall it right now, but I think I got these from Dantz knowledge base. Reinstallation under the same credentials.

    - Similar behavior I've seen when non-native encryption package (I think, PGP) was installed by the member of Power Users group. After package uninstallation, first the client was reinstalled, and then the encryption package. It solved the problem.

    - After clean reboot, if nobody was logged into the station, the client did not have any problem. If user left the station just logged in after clean reboot, the client timed out in my face. It was not resolved, I had to fdisk and reinstall everything.


    Try to mount the volume in question as networked volume on Retrospect server, logging with local admin rights.


    3. Documented for XP SP1, but I've seen it under 2K SP4, too: antivirus s/w might substantially slow down an access to the file system if SP update was performed _after_ AV installation.

    I.e., server's timing out trying to connect or scan file system on the client.

    Solution: Uninstall the client, uninstall the AV. Reinstall service pack and all subsequential updates (pain in the head, I know). Reinstall AV software, reinstall the client;


    4. Network issues:

    - How many hops are between Retrospect server and this client? Are any of them going through hubs, as opposed to switches?

    - Local firewall, including native ugly Windows filtering, or any firewall between them: is the 497 port opened?

    Test: Is there a problem with Windows file sharing, too? If possible, try to connect the station to the server with crossover cable.

    Can you sniff the traffic between them? Transmission errors can shed some light, too.



  6. Retrospect does require log-in with admin rights. "Run-as" never worked for me - on hardened machine, I'm disabling the Server service, as in No-Such-Agency guidelines.


    Is there any way to avoid admin login? I'm locking the machine when run, and switching off the monitor, but it's anyway a temptation for the bypassing user just to see the manager name or "administrator" in the login field...

  7. Hello,


    Recently, I solved a similar error by increasing the size allocated for registry file (client: NT 4 SP6 with all updates, server: W2k).


    For W2k client: Go to System properties->Advanced tab, click "Performance Options". "Virtual memory" - click on "Change", and increase the value for registry file. Warning: make sure that the registry file itself is backed up locally, and you have enough space on local disk for the registry to expand.



  8. Hello, everybody!


    The configuration: Multiserver 6.0 running on W2000 machine, client 6.0 installed on RedHat 6.x a couple of months ago. User hospitably opened port 497 for me in iptables. Run and tested without any problem.


    A month ago, her station got cracked. She rebuilt it from scratch, opened the needed port in firewall, I logged as root and reinstalled the client. However, the client does not respond at all. Does not show in the Retrospect's Network browser, does not respond to direct IP calls from Retrospect. From Retrospect's server, pings, tracert - 1 hop, same subnet - everything is fine and healthy.


    After the machine got cracked once, user might be hesitant to give me mess with it too much, given the fact that my Linux knowledge is limited yet.


    Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  9. Hello, AmyC, good to hear from you!


    On 05/13/03 10:26 AM, you wrote:

    -In Retrospect, go to Configure...


    Tried, the client returns from 2KB up to 20KB, i.e., during the browse volume or backup operation it dies while scanning the file system, even does not start to backup. However, from command line I can ping in both directions without any problem - ping or traceroute times are healthy, as well as traceroute to other external adresses.


    - Try a direct crossover cable between the server and the client to see if the problem is isolated to the network or the client...


    I can not bring this machine that close to the backup server, unfortunately.


    - Update/reinstall NIC drivers...


    I did try to reinstall TCP/IP stack. I also played with NIC settings, i.e., disabled/enabled autonegotiation, set it hard to 10MB half, 10MB full - no luck.


    I will try drivers reinstallation during the weekend.


    Your help will be greatly appreciated. My affection with Dantz product still unshaked, but my users need more...

  10. Hello, everybody,


    I'm not sure that we have the same problem, but my problematic configuration is very similar, so here it goes:


    - W2k Multiserver 6.0.206 (upgraded from 5.6, but clean - run complete reinstallation);

    - client in question: XP Pro w/all recent patches.


    From the beginning, the server did not see the client upon python multicast. I added the client by IP. In client properties, it shows now connection speed about 2-3 KB, while all other clients (MacOS 8.1, 9.1, W2k and XP) that sitting on the same hub are in the healthy 1-1.8 MB range. Pinging the client from the server and vice-versa, surfing from it, sniffing its connections etc. did not give any clues: all connection speed tests are fine.


    I did try to disable NAV and firewall that are running on the client, but the problem persists. TCP/IP stack and client s/w were reinstalled twice.


    Sorry, I'm not a part of the solution...


    Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

  11. Thanks!


    I got Quantum library. What I actually thought: it would be lovely to have Retrospect get the shutdown command from UPS s/w (or from OS), neately return the cartridge to the slot and close itself.


    I would rather not to use third-party macro language or WSH, but I am too illiterate even tell that it can or can not be done with Retrospect's scripting. From my old experience on MacOS 7-8-9, I never had a luck with AppleScript and Retrospect, even e-mail notification or logs. Now (no, it is not a punishment!) I'm running it under Windows.


    Have a happy weekend, or beginning of the week, everybody!

  12. I am planning to replace the UPS on backup station with the newer one. Are there any experiences on Windows 2000 Pro platform? In particular, integration with diferent software for UPS: shut-down issues, scheduled reboots. I am backing up onto Quantum Powerstor L200 DLT library.


    Is there any scripts in Retrospect that can help integration with UPS?


    Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  13. Hello, everybody!


    My setup:

    - Quantum/ATL Powerstor L200 library/drive;

    - Dell Presision 340, Windows 2000 Pro SP2 with all current updates;

    - Dantz Retrospect Server edition 6.x, driver update 3.6x;

    - current ASPI drivers - reinstalled, checked with Dantz utility;

    - Adaptec 2940UW SCSI card (was 29160, replaced it last time - it did not see either library, or drive, or both, seemingly at random);

    - active terminator, new cables, the library is first and the only device on the chain;

    - drive was cleaned recently;

    - new media was tested on small run.


    Got replacement drives and cables. The library runs fine for a couple of months (backup/restore integrity were tested). Every once in a couple of months, Retrospect starting to return "-206 Hardware Failure" errors.


    From older logs:


    "10/8/2002 3:23 PM: Manual erase of tape "Tape_Name"

    Library for "DLT Library, ID 2:4" reported a hardware failure while moving tapes.

    10/8/2002 4:40:20 PM: Copying Name_of_HD on Client_Name

    Additional error information for device "Benchmark DLT DC" [2:5],

    Sense > f1 00 04 ff ff 00 00 16 00 09 7b 8b 15 01 00 00 00 00 00 00

    (BNCHMARK|DLT1 |4325)

    Trouble writing: "Backup_Set_Name" (3131375616), error -203 (hardware failure)"


    Searches for SCSI Sence string did not return any clues.


    The Quantum TS did not offer anything usual yet, just sending replacements (sure, $50 for USPS is cheaper than hiring more techs). Adaptec is silent as well.


    Meine Kleine Naschtmusik... Your help will be greatly appreciated!

  14. My understanding that running backup or restore on W2K machine requires administrative rights. With MS Backup or ArcServe, I can configure users with limited rights to run these jobs. It would be great if I can limit the backup operator, for example, to be able only to run the job and view logs, another one - to restore and backup, another one - to view logs and/or sets' content only, etc.

  15. Dear Retrospect fans,




    I'm having a problem with the option "Encrypt network link" in client configuration. Simply put, checking this option does not stick, i.e., I'm selecting the checkbox and closing the client's configuration window. No error messages are displayed. However, next time I'm opening this client configuration, I see the "encrypt..." checkbox unchecked. I did not sniff yet upon the wire, so it is not confirmed that the stream is not encrypted.




    I'm backing up to the tape device, not to FTP or network disk, so the question of encryption support on source or destination, I assume, is not relevant in my case.




    It happens with several (not with all, but with most) clients. Some of the problematic clients are W9x, one's MacOS X 10.2. The clients in question do have a password set, and all of them reside at the same range and subnet.




    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  16. Good day,




    After a couple of months of incremental backups to a tape drive, I am getting a _catalog_ (.rbc) file size bloated to approximately 0.5GB. Are there any dangers? If so, how can they be avoided?




    System: W2K Pro fully patched/512MB RAM/plenty of free HD space, Retrospect 6.0.206




    Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  17. Like a plague...




    I set up a small (~30 clients, mix of OS's) backup system. Retrospect 5.6, later 6.0.206 running on Dell's (I know, I know... It was not because a dude, but the university's stanadards are Dell, I can not do anything with it) 2.4GHz/512MB/plenty of HD space, Win2000 Pro (nicely patched, including all the firmware), and Adaptec's 29160 card.




    I am backing up onto a Quantum SDLT L200 changer (1 drive, 6-slots magazine + 2 slots near the drive). The drive's living on second bus (68-pin, with internal-to-external cable, because the first - external - bus of the card is 50-pin. I was unable to obtain 50-to-68 adapter that works with this drive).




    From the box, first changer I got had the same problems, so it was replaced with the new one, this time - directly form Quantum, not from reseller, so, I assume that the unit should be completely new and good. It happily run for a month, but suddently dropped everything with a bunch of h/w errors, refusing to unload, read, and write. I cleant the drive with new cleaning tape, replaced 3 tapes, but still no luck.




    Most recent errors:




    "10/8/2002 3:23 PM: Manual erase of tape "Tape_Name"


    Library for "DLT Library, ID 2:4" reported a hardware failure while moving tapes.


    10/8/2002 4:40:20 PM: Copying Name_of_HD on Client_Name


    Additional error information for device "Benchmark DLT DC" [2:5],


    Sense > f1 00 04 ff ff 00 00 16 00 09 7b 8b 15 01 00 00 00 00 00 00


    (BNCHMARK|DLT1 |4325)


    Trouble writing: "Backup_Set_Name" (3131375616), error -203 (hardware failure)"




    On Quantum's LED display, appearing "Calibrating comp" -> "No cartridge in drive" -> "Element address invalid". Quantum's guys just offernig to to send one more, but there's a very low probability that two new drives in a row were faulty. SCSI cables and tapes are native to the drive, and new, as well as Dell and SCSI card. I do not have right now another station to try the drive/card combo in it.




    Neither Dell, nor Adaptec, nor Quantum did not dive any working suggestion. Myself, I am not good on SCSI low-level diagnostic. I even tried to run a couple of native SCSI commands from command line, but can not pinpoint any errors. Can not find how to get to the "Secret preferences" in Retrospect, too.




    Any and every bit of advice will be greatly appreciated.

  18. I need to back up one Linux client in mixed MacOS and Windows environment. I'm planning to put Retrospect Server edition on W2K Pro station, and run incremental backups every night. How relaxed my Linux user could be regarding her data and configuration integrity?




    How well does Retrospect handle UNIX permissions? Does it need root to get everything, for the case of barebone restore? Are there any known problems with open files?




    If somebody can share the experience, it will be greatly appreciated. I'm definitely not a *nix guru...