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  1. Hi Russ, thanks, but is there an autoloader with USB- or FW-interface? I can't imagine... cheers, Heiko
  2. Hi, I want to use Retrospect to backup a fileserver to tapes. The server is a MacMini (maybe it will be a MiniServer) so I have to use an external tape drive connected via USB or Firewire. Are there any recommendations and experiences? I would like to get an 320GB drive (160/320 native/compressed) and have seen DAT-drives from HP and Quantum and a VXA-drive from Tandberg Data (which seems to be inavailable). But actually they were not tested with Retrospect. There are many external DLT-drives, but all of them use SAS or SCSI, none USB/FW. Are there any relieable converters from SAS/SCSI to USB/FW? Best regards from Germany, Heiko