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  1. Why am I getting this message on this laptop only. All others open file backup works fine? What do I need to do? "Can't use Open File Backup option for on hostname - username, error -1017 ( insufficient permissions )
  2. I too been having this issue but with only 1 laptop client. Weather its a proactive or a manual backup. In starts off just fine and about 10-15 minutes into it, it fails with "error -519(network communication failed). I moved to a different port on the switch and get the same results. Any ideas?
  3. aolivera

    Network Performance

    I am having the exact same issue. Using multi-server 7.7.325 (64bit) version.I back up to a RAID (SATA drives). Also on a 1G backbone and client has a 1G NIC. Is there a throttling setting in Retrospect? Ideas?