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  1. I have a Iomega NAS drive but when I use retrospect to backup files (duplicate) from my windows machine, it fails some of the vreification, and when I run backup again it tries to backup the same files again. This seems to be due to the granularity of the time stored by windows versus the granularity stored on the NAS drive. This is something that I can't fix. BUT, if there is an option in retrospect to relax the comparison times (e.g. if file create/modify times on both systems is within 1 second rather than 1ms) then that would solve the problem. Is there a way to relax the compare time granularity? It seems this would be a simple and obvious way to allow for NAS devices... Thanks!
  2. rpeatfield

    different creation date/time error

    I have exactly the same problem with iomega ix-200 which is an EMC product (as is Retrospect) This causes many (not all) files to constantly be backed up every time I run retrospecty and effectively makes the combination useless. So are you saying that EMC software does not work correctly with EMC hardware and that's ok because it's a "windows" thing?
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    Retrospect execution errors

    This only happens when backing up to NAS (in my case iomega ix-200) backing up from local disk to local disk works fine. For some strange reason, several files have a 2-3 seconds difference in create date after backup. This cause the vefification error. That in itself is not a big problem BUT it causes these files to be continually backed up every time I run express. Since these files consitute nearly 50GB it means every backup takes a whole day - which defeats the whole point of having incremental backups. If it does not get resolved soon, or a workaround I will have no choice but to return my NAS drive (since it came as a package with retrospect) before the warranty period expires because right now it's totally useless to me.