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    Recovering 6.x backups onto a Intel Mini

    Update... Installed 6.1 on outboard boot disk, used the PPC iBook and recovered the whole archive. I did have a few rough spots. First pass through all the CD's to recover the catalog took a long time; almost as long as the 2nd full restoral run. It gagged on one CD, but I washed it carefully and it made it through the 2nd pass error-free. I wish there was a setting to make it eject each CD when it was done with it; I had to select and eject each. That was not true during the 2nd pass. During the 2nd pass 6.1 locked up hard on an earlier CD. Finally I force-quit it, but the karma was in an uproar, so I rebooted. The 2nd attempt went smoothly. Got all the files back.....
  2. usually_befuddled

    Recovering 6.x backups onto a Intel Mini

    See thread re: FW incompatibility. Yes, but I find it to be far slower than FW. And as it happens, that desk lacks a 2nd network jack so I'll need to move stuph around; not a biggie but more paper cuts from Murphy.
  3. usually_befuddled

    Drives on new macs not supported?

    Do we know that 8.1 shall support the internal drives; or is it a "real soon now" hope? The one-two punch of incompatibility with 6.x files, and no guaranteed support for the factory drives has me looking elsewhere...
  4. usually_befuddled

    Recovering 6.x backups onto a Intel Mini

    How do you propose to share? Over UTP? or 802.11? In my experience, such are far slower than other approaches. FW is fastest, than USB2.0 - both exceed file sharing. If stuck with UTP, I'll use rsync usually.
  5. usually_befuddled

    Recovering 6.x backups onto a Intel Mini

    The external drive has FW 400 and USB outputs. (As it stands, I can not just put the Mini into Target Mode, and connect it to the PPC FW port as that would need a 800-400 cable.) So I can use it to boot the dead PPC, run 6.1 on that, with its known-supported internal CD drive, writing the restoral to the external. THEN bring down the PPC box, and use the drive's USB port to copy all to the Mini. A PITA to be sure, but... Piffle.... True, you need one goat for SE, and a pair - one white, one black - for differential; but the only difference for HVD is you need older, bigger goats. Chickens are for ArcNet.....Rabbits go with Token Ring. {That way, you always have enough spare tokens...}
  6. usually_befuddled

    Recovering 6.x backups onto a Intel Mini

    Sorry; that's 10.6 not 6.1; the 6.1 is RS's version. I'm getting the picture.. Need a FW 800-400 adapter to do that... Thanks, but it is NOT listed in the Big Book of supported drives. Huh? The SATA drive identifies in Retrospect as SCSI {not unusual in *nix OS device drivers}, and we know the key to SCSI is goats; a chicken is the wrong impedance. Thanks for the reassurance. Meanwhile, while CrashPlan handles disk/offsite backups; I need a solution that will burn CD's/DVD's as well.
  7. usually_befuddled

    Recovering 6.x backups onto a Intel Mini

    Thanks for your reply... >Murphy is biting you on another side Damn James Cameron anyhow; now even Murphy has gone 3D... Yes, the mini runs 6.1; Retrospect 6.1 does seem to run but... Given that RS8 won't read 6's backups [i get the feeling that 8 is Retrospect in name more than function..]; upgrading is of little use. Further, the DVD is unsupported even in 8.x So my best plan to date is: Boot old PPC via external drive. Install 6.1 to it. Restore to external drive, and then move to Mini, via a 400-800, or CD or filesharing. At that point we have to abandon RS (because there's no DVD drive support in 8 either), and switch to CrashPlan or another approach.
  8. new Mini 6.1 RW AD-5670S I'm trying to recover 6.0/PPC backups onto a new mini w/6.1 Murphy is biting me on all sides: a) The new AD-5670S DVD is unsupported; manual configuration fails: ∆ Retrospect version 6.1.230 launched at 1/7/2010 4:23 PM + Retrospect Driver Update, version Running Custom Configuration tests on OPTIARC DVD RW AD-5670S at 1/7/2010 4:24 PM 1/7/2010 4:24:05 PM: Setup test: Successful 1/7/2010 4:24:05 PM: Default setup test: Successful 1/7/2010 4:24:05 PM: Drive type test: Successful 1/7/2010 4:24:05 PM: Drive initialization test: Successful 1/7/2010 4:24:15 PM: Disc information test: Failed - 1/7/2010 4:24:16 PM: Custom Configuration tests: Failed I gather you can't used an unconfigured drive for reading; I seemed to remember same from past beta tests... An available USB CD is FUBAR; it sees nothing. (I'll try cleaning the lens later..) c) I can't use the old PPC machine's drive in Target Mode because this Mini is FW800; and we don't have FW800->FW400 adapter handy. [Grrr] d) I saw an old message that Retrospect 8 may or may not read the 6 backups… Any suggestions as what approach to take? I'm going to look for other USB CD drives in hopes one of mine is acceptable..