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    Purchase decision question

    Kidziti, You raise a whole bunch of points in your post. Retrospect, or any other product in its class, is not just a point-in-time purchase. You also need to "invest" in learning the product (non-trivial) and doing configuration and tuning. You also want to be sure that your investment is protected long-term because of the financial strength of the vendor. I don't know much about Storcentric (or its competition) but I will observe that backup is a relatively mature market category. One could argue that web-based backup is a different market segment than more traditional premises-based backup, but I will leave that argument to others. And what is Storecentric's strategy in purchasing Retrosepct and Drobo, as opposed to any of their direct competitors, I simply don't know. That is an issue for Storcentric of course, but it's also the kind of issue that is catnip for product management types like me. However, on the more narrow decision to purchase an ASM. I have found that I can get quite good support for my issues, even though I have not purchased an ASM. of course, when release 17 comes out, then I will have to pony up for the upgrade. More generally you have to decide if Retrospect, as it exists today, meets your needs better than the competition. Salespeople are supposed to "SWAT," Sell What's Available Today. I would ignore the statement about a new release next March, because the reality of software development is that March can easily become May or July or September. And unless you know what is in that release, you don't know how important that release is for you with capabilities that you need now, but are not in the current release. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy shares in Storcentric. There is not much information on the website, certainly not who/what is funding this acquisition strategy. https://storcentric.com/
  2. David, I guess memories do get "modified" over time. What I clearly remember about doing Fortran on the IBM 1130 was that it was limited compared to the mainframe 360 Fortran I had done in college. And certainly more limiting that PL/1. That's a great story about how limitations in a programming language lead to errors in program logic.
  3. Very useful informatiion here. I've created a PDF of this thread, so I can review everyhing here, highlight some points, etc. I have no idea how I could use Retrospect successfully without this forum. I guess as a home user, I am part of the target demographic for a Drobo unit. Maybe if they offer a nice unit at 75% off in combination with the Retrospect 17 upgrade .... Right now, the system running Retrospect is housed a full-tower case (home built based on ASUS motherboard), with lots of drive bays. x509,
  4. 10 days ago, Retrosect suddenly could no longer connect with client "LENOVO730." No changes in the home LAN, which is a Windows workgroup, other than normal Windows background updates. I just verified that the client on LENOVO730 is active. I can ping the client by name in a Windows cmd-box. In Retrospect, I did a TEST in the Network Access window and got this result: So Retrospect Desktop has detected the client at its correct IP address. But right after I got this result, I clicked on the Refresh button for Lenovo730 Client properties. I don't know if this is a Retrospect issue or a Windows issue. I've been using Windows networking since the Windows for Workgroups 3.11 days, and I think that networking issues are responsible for the vast majority of issues on systems in my home LAN. If you go to this forum, https://www.tenforums.com/network-sharing there are endless threads about Windows networking issues with missing clients, missing network shares, etc., etc. So I don't know where the issue lies. Are there any additional steps I can take to rule out a Retrospect issue?
  5. David, I stand properly corrected. I will only plead a failing memory based on getting older. I also did Fortran II, on an IBM 1130. Punch cards, removeable 1-platter disk cartridge of about 1 MB, if I remember correctly (which I may not ...)
  6. x509

    Errors when laptop not connected

    I will provide a different perspective here. I have a relatively simple home LAN, which includes two laptops that may or may not be plugged in and active when my nightly backups run, starting at 9.30 pm. I have separate scripts for drives C:, D:, E: and F:. Each volume on all my systems has a specific storage purpose, e.g. C is always Windows + programs. E is alwasy media like photos, music, and books. In the spirit of keeping things as simple as possible I do not have proactive backup scripts. If a laptop is plugged in when a script, it gets backed up. Otherwise it doesn't. if either laptop hasn't been backed up in several days, then I will do an Immediate Backup as needed. x509
  7. x509

    Retrospect for Windows cannot start

    When you removed Config77.dat did you lose your entire backup history? I still haven't upgraded to 16.51and I think I'll wait until 16.5.2 or 16.2.. x509
  8. Noel I more than sympathize with your issues with Win 10, especially about the upgrades that restore all the crap you have removed. If you do not already know about this forum, it is a great resource. www.tenforums.com. There are many very smart and experienced people there. They may be able to advise about tools that allow you to customize a Windows install file.
  9. I screwed up the BCD Store (used in multi-booting Windows OSes), and it could be that the easiest way to fix that BCD Store is to restore my C volume to 12-16, including system state. My OS is Windows 10 Pro 64, installed on a GPT/UEFI volume. There are apparently other ways to fix the BCD Store, which involve booting from a Windows 10 install disk and then doing some kind of advanced repair. So is it wise to take the "easy way out" and just do the C volume restore? x509
  10. What did I end up doing? Funny you should ask. After a few go-arounds with restoring files and folders, I gave up and did a new Windows install, which means lots of Windows configuration, and then installing a boatload of programs, which of course also need configuration. Fortunately, I keep my data files in different partitions than Windows and programs, so all that was OK. I also wrote a strong letter to a Retrospect C-level manager, at the encouragement of people in this forum. I got back a response which said, paraphrasing: You did that restore wrong. You should have used a Recovery Media restore. Too late. Right now, as we speak, I'm trying to restore a laptop, and this time I am using Recovery Media. I dutifully followed the directions in the manual, and got a USB Recovery drive. But, but, but (and with Retrospect, there is often a but.) On thjs laptop, the Recovery Media windows are too tall to be displayed completely on the laptop's screen. ( On two different desktops, and a different laptop, there is no such issue.) This thread describes the issue: And this thread on a different forum explores a solution. I haven't finished the process of isolating the driver in question, listed in message #6. I will possibly get to that work today. https://www.tenforums.com/drivers-hardware/142045-need-nvidia-driver-laptop-needs-recovery-media-restore-how.html I'll keep everyone posted.
  11. True, but the Retrospect 16 manual includes these paragraph, which I think was inspired by my support issue from earlier this year. These paragraphs appear at the very start of the Disaster Recovery Chapter:
  12. Earlier this year, I tried to restore my "production" system, following the directions in the V15 manual. That system is Windows 10 Pro 64. The V15 manual states on p. 99 (my highlights) So I blithely assumed that I could do a Restore of my C : partition, after it somehow got hosed. Wrong!! I ended up reformatting that partition, doing a fresh install of Windows, and then re-installing all the programs and doing all the config settings. So I was pretty frustrated about the experience. When I wrote a letter a few months ago to Retrospect management about a bunch of issues, I included this issue. I got a detailed response to all my issues from Robin Mayoff, which I do appreciate. However, it was very frustrating to read the following. When you perform a restore of a Windows operating system with Retrospect, it is very important to perform this restore while booted from a Retrospect Disaster Recovery disk. It is not possible to restore a modern version of the Windows registry or Windows system while booted from the C disk. This is probably why you got some errors and ended up needing to reinstall programs. Had I known this point, I could have saved myself several days of work. Why am I posting this now, months after the fact? I can't fully explain why, but "stuff" happened. Still I thought this point is important enough so that the next person with this problem might find this post and save themselves a lot of trouble. As the expression goes, I am "paying it forward" in appreciation for all the help I get in this forum.
  13. MrPete, In the interest of history. If I remember correctly, the "Multics" system at MIT when I was a grad student there was a Honeywell 635 system with virtual memory. I worked at Shugart Associates during the time that they started to build low-cost "Winchester" drives, all modeled after some IBM drive that had sealed head-disk assemblies. Thanks to a very friendly salesperson, I "got" a customer sample SA 1004, which was an 8" HDD with all of 10 MB. I hooked it up to my CP/M system, and it was like a whole new world, compared with the typical dual-floppy system. Shugart Associates was late to the 5 1/4" HDD market, and they went out of business a few years later; fortunately I had left by then. But while it lasted, it was a great time.
  14. There are so many, many frustrations in using Retrospect. Why do I (or anyone else) stick with it? This client not found issue seems like a self-inflicted wound.
  15. I solved my own problem. 😲 In the Client Windows, I selected the Access tab and then clicked on the Direct button. Then I entered the client's TCP/IP address. It worked. Lesson learned.
  16. This post is not about Retrospect, but I'm posting this in case anyone here who is a system admin or network admin runs into this problem with updating a Lenovo BIOS. If you have recent my recent postings, you may know that a Retrospect support engineer recently asked me to update the UEFI BIOS in my Lenovo T 560 laptop. He even gave me the exact link for the page for BIOS updates for my machine. (Kudos to Marc!) Since Windows is not running on the laptop, I download the ISO file which would be used for a CD or USB boot, to run the BIOS update. It turns out that an ISO file isn't really an ISO file where Lenovo is concerned. I could not create a bootable USB drive using that ISO file using Rufus, a standard tool for this purpose. Yesterday I spent well over one hour, on hold and talking to five separate people to ask for help or some workaround with the ISO file. The final answer was, "Since you machine is out of warranty, we won't help you, and NO!, you can't talk to a supervisor." This is incredible. I never heard of a hardware vendor who effectively limits BIOS update support to the one-year warranty period for the system. After that I posted to a Lenovo forum, and almost immediately a very help guy posted a response, giving me a link to another thread, which explained in detail how to use the Windows executable running on a different system to create a bootable USB. https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Other-Linux-Discussions/Update-ThinkPad-BIOS-with-bootable-flash-drive/ta-p/3743440. Once I followed this procedure, I was able to update the BIOS without incident. x509
  17. So earlier today, I had a laptop go completely south, well past the Equator, I might say. My only hope is a Retrospect recovery. So I followed the instructions starting on p. 316 of the Retrospect 16 manual, and I ended up with a recovery program on a USB drive. (The manual is out of date about the media creation process. Read carefully p. 316-317, and look at the screen shots.) I used the newly created USB Recovery Media to boot up the problem laptop. All I got was a Welcome screen with a checkbox at the bottom left. 20 minutes after I checked that box, I still don't see this window: So what do I do? I really need this laptop working again. start rant: I feel like I have again been made an involuntary, unpaid member of Retrospect's Quality Assurance team. end rant. x509
  18. I have to say that Retrospect support has been quick and helpful. I got a quick response from Robin Mayoff and then when I replied with my issue about window size, I got a quick and very helpful response from a support engineer. His recommendation was to update my laptop's BIOS, which I did, but the window size problem remains.
  19. The last thing I want to do is reformat my laptop's SSD, because then I have to do a full reload of Windows and applications. Probably two days worth of work. Nigel, David, and everyone else. I figured out the issues, mostly, and I'm gobsmacked. (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/gobsmacked ) Just for grins, I booted up my desktop system using that recovery media. It all worked as far as I took the process, because I don't need to recovery anything to the desktop system. It all worked because that Welcome screen had NEXT and FINISH buttons at the very bottom of the Welcome window. On my laptop, that same Welcome window is too tall to fit in the laptop display. It's a fixed size and cannot be dragged up, so as to show the bottom of the window. 😱 So the issue is that Retrospect made that Welcome window too tall. Truly a Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot moment. So I replied to the support thread about my recovery media issue to explain this situation. That reply was late in the day, so I guess I'll need to wait for a day or two to get a response. I am just astounded that a silly issue like screen height is preventing me from doing a full restore.
  20. The laptop does boot a Windows image, specifically the update for release 1809. And I can go through various trouble-shooting options so that I can get a command prompt. I ran bootrec /rebuildBCD, which detected 0 windows partitions. In fact, there are two, since I multi-boot between my "production" installation and a scratch partition which I use for test installs, tryouts, etc. In that cmd window, I can do dir for drives C and D. Only those drives contain data, and the two Windows partitions are not detected. That has me concerned. Of course, once I get this recovery media issue straightened out, i'll just restore the System Reserved partition, plus the two Windows partitions. I submitted a bug report to Retrospect this morning, and even though I did not buy ASM, I got a quick and helpful response from Robin Mayoff, which I do appreciate. His comment was that there was a probable problem with the Media Recovery drive. I still need to work through the issues with Robin.
  21. David, I want to restore a system to itself. How is that "dissimilar" hardware, except by a tortured reading of the English language? If you are right, how am I supposed to create a recovery media on a client? More, that approach is hardly scaleable. I'm going to file a support case with Retrospect. The media creation process did not run smoothly. I had to COPY file copype.cmd file from a subdirectory of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit into the main directory for the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit. Then the media creation process proceeded automatically. So I'm wondering if the media creation process somehow left off some additional programs, and if I could manually add those programs to the recovery media. I just filed a support case.
  22. I had assumed since all my systems are running Win 64 Pro on Intel CPUs, that one recovery disk would be suitable for all my systems. Apparently not.
  23. How can I reconfigure Retrospect to not use the Dashboard, when I'm running the Dashboard and it is completely non-responsive? Until now, I have not used the V16 Professional Dashboard, because of performance issues with the V15 Dashboard. Last night I changed Retrospect preferences to use the Dashboard and then started up Retrospect last night to run my normal scheduled backups, which did work (because I checked file dates in Windows). But the Dashboard was non-responsive, either dimmed out or displayed with a spinning blue Windows wheel. I hibernated my system after the backups ran and restarted this morning. Two hours later, the Dashboard is still non-responsive. Or if I so much as click my mouse anywhere within the Dashboard window, it becomes non-responsive again. I'm comfortable editing the Windows registry, if that is necessary. x509
  24. Since my home LAN is not exactly a "larger organization," I certainly won't be paying for it. I have managed to work around the issue of the completely non-responsive console. Not pretty, but it has the benefit of being simple and effective.
  25. x509

    Dissimilar Hardware Restore

    Noel, I have the impression that even without this extra cost option, you can restore to "moderately" dissimilar hardware. Windows 10 apparently has advanced capabilities for re configuring itself if you move a Windows install to a new system. I suspect that Windows has no problem if you are doing an Intel-to-Intel or AMD-to-AMD move, as long as the target hardware is same or newer generation than the source hardware. It's worth a try before you shell out all that extra money. I am editing this message to add the point that "moving" a Windows install sometimes means installing a new motherboard. On this website, you can see lots of threads where people discuss how they can replace their motherboard without doing a fresh install of Windows: https://www.tenforums.com/ x509