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  1. 10 days ago, Retrosect suddenly could no longer connect with client "LENOVO730." No changes in the home LAN, which is a Windows workgroup, other than normal Windows background updates. I just verified that the client on LENOVO730 is active. I can ping the client by name in a Windows cmd-box. In Retrospect, I did a TEST in the Network Access window and got this result: So Retrospect Desktop has detected the client at its correct IP address. But right after I got this result, I clicked on the Refresh button for Lenovo730 Client properties. I don't know if this is a Retrospect issue or a Windows issue. I've been using Windows networking since the Windows for Workgroups 3.11 days, and I think that networking issues are responsible for the vast majority of issues on systems in my home LAN. If you go to this forum, https://www.tenforums.com/network-sharing there are endless threads about Windows networking issues with missing clients, missing network shares, etc., etc. So I don't know where the issue lies. Are there any additional steps I can take to rule out a Retrospect issue?
  2. Since I personally don't have scripting skills beyond Windows CMD files, and not very good even at that a fixed IP for all clients (as David suggests) is probably the best approach for me. Right now, I'm busy with covid projects from my wife for fixing up things around the house, but I will get into my router's IP assignments table soon enough. To reprise an earlier comment, networking is the weakest part of Windows 10, since there is no one screen or set of screens to control all the entire TCP/IP stack or all the processes that can affect networking. Add to that the ways that a Windows update can silently reset some settings, and I spend way too much time on this issue. Retrospect client discovery is only one relatively small aspect of the overall issue. In my humble home LAN, all Retrospect clients and the server are wireless. One less issue.
  3. x509

    Retrospect 17 and low-end users

    If there were improvements in the UI of the client, as well as its performance, then I would have a solid reason to upgrade now. Otherwise I'll wait until 17.1 or 17.5, whatever its called. Any idea of when that upgrade might be released?
  4. In the Norton firewall, I added a rule for Port 497, for both TCP and UDP. Didn't fix the problem. Neither Configure -> Devices method discovered the clients. To respond to your point above, the Norton firewall has a concept of "trusted" networks devices. But as you say, Windows is notorious for changing network status in multiple ways. Sometimes after updates, sometimes for no apparent reason. Networking is to me, the biggest single source of grief and unwanted maintenance work in Windows. Perhaps PC networking works much better in a domain with an Active Directory server, but home networking is a hot mess. It's much easier to throw in the towel and use Direct IP Addresses for clients.
  5. Please see next message. This forum doesn't have the same reply formatting flexibilty as others.
  6. Please see properly formatted reply below.
  7. David, Agree with your point about needing an IP address plan for just the devices to back up, but if I had fixed addresses for my other devices that would help me to debug "strange" network problems. Big issue for me is the very complex password I use. It's a pain in the tuchus to type that in on an iPhone, or worse yet a Roku device. But in my heart I know I should do it. thanks for letting me know that SMB V1 is not an issue here. In general, home networking is a real weak spot within Windows. Windows forums are just filled with people complaining that system A can see system B and C, but C can't see A or B, and B can see only C.
  8. I just ran into the "client not found" error message on one client because Windows rebooted the system as part of a software update and the IP address, being DHCP-based, changed. 😩 So I was able to reconnect using IP Direct Connect, but that's not exactly a "scalable solution." I've been using Retrospect for at least 10 years now, and I don't remember having this problem years ago. I need Retrospect to automatically detect clients on my home LAN, even if the IP address has changed. The subnet address is always the same: 192.168.1.xx. So before posting, this time I did a search on "Piton client" and found six pages of links, and I opened up a lot of them. Lots of unfamiliar names in posts from 2005 or so. I even found some of my own old posts. One suggestion was to make sure that port 497 is open on the firewall. I use Norton Internet Security, not Windows Defender, so I added an Allow rule for port 497 on both server and a test client. No joy. So I fell back to direct connect to connect to the problem, which did work, but I'm not happy about it because that's just muddling along, and not addressing the root cause. I'm running Retrospect, with latest version client. The last post in this thread seems to hold out a glimmer of hope that Retrospect 17 can detect a client with a changed IP address. Is that true? If it is, then I will upgrade to V17 as fast as I can pull out my credit card. I know that another option is to make DHCP assign fixed addresses to the client machines, and I'll probably do that when I have some time. Maybe it's time for me to create a IP address plan for all the devices on my network, computers, phones, tablets, TVs, Roku stick, etc. (Believe or not, the Covid lockdown seems to keep me busier than ever. Who knew?) But I still think the problem should be fixed at the source. Question: Does Piton depend on SMB V1? That protocol is supposed to be disabled due to serious security vulnerabilities. Second question: Does Apple Bonjour interfere with Piton? Third question: Does your head hurt now?
  9. I just ran three scripts to back up a system on which I had just gotten the client software to work again. These scripts have been in service for a long time. D DATA D DATA Transact Date E Media Library. The first script ran fine and performed the expected backup. The second script failed for this client, with the 505 error message. So did the third script. So I did Configure | Clients | Access tab and clicked the Change button. Using Multicast - Piton Name Service, this client was found instantly. Back in the General tab, I clicked on Refresh and the client was "in Use, as expected. Now I reran the second and third scripts. The second script ran fine, but the third script failed with the 505 error message. So i repeated the Configure | Clients step, got the client to be "in use," and reran the third script. Now the third script ran fine. I should add that when I first had this 505 error, I changed client access from Piton to direct address u sing the IP address of the client. Same result. I am aware of the common cause of 505 errors, which is some other software running on the client that somehow blocks Retrospect, but if that were the case here, then why would the first script to be run after Access operation work fine? So on the surface it would appear that rerunning client Access somehow "unreserves" the client. What am I missing here?
  10. I removed all the Lenovo utilities I could using Revo Uninstaller, but some of them reappeared. For now I have probably solved this issue, but stomping out those utilities may take more effort.
  11. So I thought that maybe, just maybe, there was some software on the problem client that isn't running on my other laptop client. And sure enough, I found it. I ran Task Manager to look at all the background processes, and found a bunch of Lenovo system monitoring software tools. I stopped one of those services, ran two of those scripts, and whaddya know, as they say in my hometown of New York City, they both ran fine. Problem solved. Thanks to everyone in this group for their past posts, which I read through for ideas.
  12. This evening I rebooted my wife's Windows 10 64 Home system, because I got an error 505, client reserved. Once rebooted, Retrospect client did not start up automatically, or did not appear to do so. Now my Retrospect Desktop gives me an 530 client not found error. I tried unsuccessfully to start the client from the Windows 10 search box, which usually works to start any application. No luck. Then I looked at Task Manager. It showed a number of entries for Retrospect and Retrospect Client. So what gives here? I have had this problem more times than I can count. ☹️ Then I shut down and restarted Retrospect on my system. No joy. IF, IF, IF I knew that this problem was fixed in Retrospect 17, I would do the upgrade like right now!! Do I need to file a support case with Retrospect? x509
  13. So here is what I did, which solved my original problem and then created that damn 505, client reserved problem. To get the Retrospect client to work again, I did a full, complete uninstall (using Revo Uninstaller Pro) and then a full install. That worked, and now the server machine recognizes the client as being "in use." But I ran into a strange version of the 505 error, which I am going to cover in a new post.
  14. Nigel, Thank you very much for the suggestion to look in C:\ProgramData\Retrospect. I found a whole bunch of log files there, some of which I'm attaching here. Last night I tried to run the client application, as I noted in my earlier post, but there was no effect. the Retrospect.log file is 0K, empty, so I'm not attaching this file. Retroclient.log.1.log ran 04-20, timestamped 9:11 pm, the last time I had a successful backup, but I'm not sure how to interpret that log files. Retroclient.log.2.log also ran 04-20. timestamped 9:10 pm (just before Retroclient.log.1.log), and has lots of entries. Can you look at the last entries, the ones at 2020-04-20T21:10:21 or later. Do they indicate that the client is no longer working and can't restart? I'm hoping that these log files indicate why the client has stopped working and how I can restart the client without a full uninstall/reinstall. In advance, I want to thank you. At this point in time, I'm in full-on learning mode, unlike my earlier reply to DavidHertzberg. I'm also attaching qtcontrolpanel.log, which last ran 04-20, 9:57 pm. retroclient.log.1.log retroclient.log.2.log qtcontrolpanel.log
  15. On the client system, Retrospect client wasn't running, so there were no results from a netstat command on either the server or client systems. On the client, I ran as Administrator all the various Retrospect *.exe files, but none of them actually started the client. Opening up Task Manager, Retrospect Client is listed as a startup program. I couldn't find any entries for Retrospect in any of the user accounts in Appdata. On the client system, Windows 10 Home, there is no All Users account. I'm afraid that I will have to go for the "nuclear" option, which is a client uninstall and reinstall. I use Revo Uninstaller Pro (https://www.revouninstaller.com/) to manage installs. I'll have to do that tomorrow morning. x509
  16. David, (1) Shame on ME for for not doing a search of this forum or of my local "Retrospect issues" folder. I should have known better than to just do a quick post out of frustration. But I think at times that Retrospect bugs just mess up my judgment. (2) I was pre-occupied with building a new system optimized for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Actually just the motherboard/CPU/RAM/graphics card/NMVe style SSD. It takes time to sort through specs and reviews, and then get good pricing. To summarize, I switched from Intel to AMD (Ryzen), an ASUS "Republic of Gamers" sub-brand motherboard even though I am decidedly NOT a gamer, and I still can't decide on the new graphics card. (I reused the case and power supply and HDDs.) If anyone reading this thread also builds their own systems, B&H Photo in New York City now has a store credit card with the unlikely name of Payboo. They pay the sales tax for all out of state orders AND do two-day free shipping. That's a great deal for someone like me who lives on the West Coast. (3) I was further pre-occupied when my new system suddenly shut down hard. I couldn't even get the fans to spin when I pressed the power button. But all is well now, and I'm pleased with my new system. So it's kind of late here but I want to get started by reviewing my own thread from last October, plus the posts in this thread.
  17. Sorry for the late reply. I just spent over a week building up a new Windows 10 machine, and then rebuilding it after a strange situation where pressing the power button didn't even get the fans spinning, let alone doing a boot up operation. You are probably right, but the "proof" will be when the next release contains very few new features and a long list of bugs fixed. Bonus points to Mihir if Retrospect publishes a list of bugs that will be fixed on a priority basis. If he does even just fixes a lot of bugs, that will make the resellers happy, since they are often the ones who get flak for bugs. A home user like me doesn't have a reseller to complain to.
  18. Mihir Shah may or may not be aware of that reputation. If his staffers don't tell him, then how would he find out? Lots of staffers have learned the hard way not to bring bad news to the chief, unless it directly affects revenue. And if we all keep on buying the upgrades as loyal customers, then the management is happy. In any case, it would take a BIG customer, not a mom-and-pop SMB, or an individual user like me, to really get their attention. Or maybe one of their big resellers.
  19. I know that I have had to relocate backup datasets on several occasions. See this screen grab: For dataset properties, select the Members tab and then in the Member Properties window, just edit the location. However, one of the pleasant surprises in V16 (or was it 15) was that Retrospect is now smart enough to locate a backup dataset that is not in the "default" location. I recently had to work with several years of datasets for compression/grooming. I organize all my datasets by year. Each year gets a new HDD (until older years get really groomed/discarded and then consolidated onto one HDD). So I would place a drive, call it 2017 Backups, in my drive dock, so intead of G:, that dataset would be on drive H:, in my case. And shazam!, Retrospect just located the dataset without any further work on my part. I'm sorry that i didn't remember all this a week ago, but I've been busy trying to find toilet paper in the stores. Here is the drive dock I use: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GZHTNLD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It replaced a similar unit from Orico, which stopped working, and Orico didn't respond to my emails.
  20. Possible dumb question. Have you tried to change the location of the backup set using the Properties of that backup set, of course, while that backup set is not in use.
  21. x509

    Curious (spurious?) verify error?

    David, (catching up a bit here). DNG is a photo format introduced by Adobe. It's different from other "RAW" photo file formats in that it is OK for an application to write metadata into the DNG. The best practice for other photo RAW formats, such as Canon's CR2 and Nikon's NEF, is to never write any metadata into these files, except date corrections. Otherwise, there is the real risk that some photo editors may not be able to read a CR2 or NEF file. So whatever happened with the OP's situation, metadata isn't the issue. Phil Burton
  22. is there a way to set up the Grooming option for a dataset that says: Keep all files until they are six months old. Groom to Retrospect's policy for older files. In effect, keep just one backup file per month. x509
  23. x509

    Groom only "older" files?

    Nigel, I stand corrected. Very corrected. If I did something like that, my SO would be pretty sore at me. I'm supposed to fix every obscure Windows (or Outlook or Word) bug that has ever appeared, is appearing right now, or ever will appear in the future, BECAUSE.
  24. x509

    Curious (spurious?) verify error?

    @jhg. Picking up on what DavidHertzberg wrote, were you running Lightroom and doing DEVELOP edits or updating metadata in LIBRARY while the backup operation was running? x509