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  1. Is it definite that the OP never uses those systems on the weekends?
  2. rbratton, When Windows first starts up, the LAN may not be active. In my experience, with years and years of Windows networking, it is the most frustrating part of a Windows environment. Before Retrospect tries to back up the LAN client, I suggest that you first check if Windows on Computer A already detects Computer B on the LAN. x509
  3. x509

    Grooming Policy Too Simplistic

    Adding to an older post of mine in this thread, I think I found the source of many of those weird, transient files. A post on Tenforms.com suggested that I look at C:\Windows\servicing\LCU. There was one subfolder there, with a strange title that seemed to be a Windows KB article number. Inside were over 700 folders, with those weird names, with a total of 110 thousand individual files, for a total of almost 32 GB. All the files on my entire C drive, which is Windows and programs only, are about 127 GB, so this one maintenance patch added an additional third to the total storage used. Microsoft Update can't be turned off for Windows Professional. WU has weekly and sometimes more often updates, between Windows, Office, Windows Defender security and driver updates. I don't even use Windows Defender, but I get almost daily "definitions" updates. From a Tenforums.com thread, I found this link: https://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/windows-enterprise-desktop/when-disk-cleanup-fails-use-search/. This link includes a table of a bunch of different Windows and Windows Server folders that can safely be deleted, and probably can be excluded from backups. The folder I mentioned above is next-to-last in this table. x509
  4. x509

    Grooming Policy Too Simplistic

    David, I'm going to guess here that Support doesn't have enough in-depth knowledge of Windows.
  5. x509

    Scripts intact after drive replacement

    I didn't replace a hard drive, or more precisely a hard drive partition, but Retrospect still reported missing subvolumes. I had to temporarily resize my D drive, which is DATA, to fix a specific problem. I used a third--party partition manager, https://www.minitool.com/partition-manager/. (It's free for home use only, where there is no Windows server.) After running a partition resize operation twice using Minitool, one of my backup scripts reported errors because it couldn't find the subvolumes on D drive. it recognized a new D drive and greyed out the "old" D drive. I solved the problem by by redefining the subvolumes.
  6. MY ERROR. 😬 It's complicated. Or maybe not, but still overlooked. I FORGOT TO ADD /2020 to my source "TRANSACTIONDATAgroup." Having done that, this script works as expected. I was doing some experiments. Given my Source as a "group" it turns out I don't even need the "include" selector, just the two "exclude" selectors.
  7. I have a selector as follows, that pairs up with a script and a Retrospect of the same name: I just discovered that only the first three selectors actually result in files being backed up. My DATA drive filesystem looks like this in part: I keep all transactional-data type files in a separate folder for each year. Top level folders 2019 and 2020 are just normal Windows folders, and the selector script for each is the same. So why is this script NOT selecting folder 2020? (As part of my "data hygiene" I start a new TransactionDATA dataset every month, and then groom after six months.) I will just say that selectors have given me more grief than any other part of Retrospect.
  8. x509

    Grooming Policy Too Simplistic

    David, In my experience in my "day job" as a software product manager, some companies recognize the value of customer issues as a source of product improvement ideas, others not. As with everything else, it comes down to the attitudes of top management. In my case, I responded to tech support by suggesting this issue be submitted as a feature request.
  9. x509

    Grooming Policy Too Simplistic

    I already got a response from Support. I suspect that Support does not recognize a problem or issue as something that they should submit as a feature request. Putting on my "day job" product management consultant, this is al major missed opportunity. Support issues can be a great source of feedback from your customer base, that you will never get by more traditional methods like customer surveys or focus groups. Unfortunately, there is no way to groom these kind of files as with every windows update, we do not know what windows will change exactly. There is no way to modify or to groom windows files. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Thank you for using Retrospect. The Retrospect Support Team Additional Resources: Have you tried our online self-service tools? * Knowledgebase - http://retrospect.com/kb * Forum - http://forums.retrospect.com * Training Videos - http://www.youtube.com/user/RetrospectInc/featured?hl=en
  10. x509

    Grooming Policy Too Simplistic

    David, I really appreciate your proposal. I will PM my support case to you right away.
  11. x509

    Queue up Immediate Backups?

    OK. As part of my "2020 workflow" I will create run documents per your suggestion. As always, I appreciate your suggestions.
  12. x509

    Grooming Policy Too Simplistic

    David, I had to think a bit about what I wanted to say in the problem description for this issue. Then I remembered something that we product managers always tell each other: "Tell the engineers about the problem you need to have solved, but don't tell them how to do it. Be prepared to describe the problem several times." So here is what I finally came up with: --------- All the systems in my LAN are Windows 10 64, either Home or Pro. When I back up the C drive on each system I'm backing up some daily or weekly updates for my security software and probably other utilities, and also a HUGE number of Windows files with really cryptic names. Is there any way to manage these daily/weekly updates and all these weird Windows files? Can you generate a report that shows the files that are backed up very frequently? Any way to groom out these files, separately from the main grooming options? -------------- Of course, I may be the usual "blow off" response, so I'm not optimistic, but at least I tried.
  13. I had the same issue on a PC. See this thread. My workaround is to groom out these very large files periodically.
  14. If I am running an immediate backup, and then try to run a second immediate backup that uses the same target dataset, I get an error. What I want to be able to do is queue up that second immediate backup. Is there some way to accomplish this goal? If not, I'm heading over to the Retrospect site and submitting a feature request.
  15. So I thought I would do one more run of my scripts before I submitted the bug report, and now the VSS errors are gone?!🤐 Windows issue? Retrospect? I have no idea, but I don't have the time to chase down this ephemeral issue.