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  1. Retrospect 12.6.101 running on a Win 10 Pro 64, all patched up to FCU and beyond. I recently discovered that a 66 MB file got corrupted, and now is only 1 KB. I did a Restore > Find Files, and selected just *.DNG files for my search. Retrospect responded with a list of all *.DNG files with their size and last backup date. However, I need to find a previous backup, before the file in question got corrupted. How can I do that automatically, that is, without manually checking each snapshot for the job which backs up *.DNG files? x509
  2. Funny, because when I did a search, I came up with nothing. That thread was spot-on. I just recreated two backup sets from files on disk, and then backup operations proceeded without incident. I didn't mention that I ran into the same issue of "backup set not found" when I tried to do a restore. I'm hoping that I can now do restores without incident. x509
  3. David, I agree that Dantz management doesn't want to expose all its bugs and bug history to the world. But Dantz is hardly unique in that issue. I also use an Adobe product for photographers that suffers from the same issue, andI don't know if Adobe is so militant (my word choice) about concealing the bugs. What I do know is that any software of any degree of complexity is going to have some "technical debt," some of it quite old, if only because bugs have to be prioritized for fixing. I also think that buyers of such software understand that issue, more than managements realize. Also, if some Dantz competitor started using the bug list as a weapon against Dantz, that would probably come across as (1) sleazy, very sleazy (2) hypocritical. x509
  4. Due to huge corruption issues with Microsoft Outlook, their tech support told me to erase and reformat my Windows installation. (Windows 10 64, latest updates.) I used this change as an opportunity to resize the Windows partition and another partition on the same volume. My Backup 2017 volume is a separate 4 TB HDD. Before erasing the old Windows installation, i copied off the \ProgramData\Retrospect folder and restored this folder after doing the new Retrospect installation. I am running Retrospect 11.5 Professional. As a result, I was able to preserve all my scripts, subfolders, and Source Groups. However, whenever I tried to do a Backup operation, Retrospect complains that it cannot find the target Backup Set member: So I selected the backup drive, which is G:. Notice that I can actually see the target Backup Set member. Doing Properties on this member, everything seems OK. So I drilled down through the directory structure to that specific backup Member, but I still can't select it for backup. So I have no way to run the backup, it seems. I even set Configure > Devices to ignore the driveID of the backup drive. WHAT do I do now? I'm even willing to upgrade to Version 12 if that fixes the problem. x509
  5. So I did submit a problem report today on the support web page. I need a support contract to get support now. Or I need to upgrade to Retrospect 12, and then i will get all of 30 days free support.
  6. Update. Again today Retrospect could not find my new laptop. So I shut down and restarted Restrospect. Twice. Still can't find that client. So I rebooted the Retrospect host system. Same result. So I tried locating the client by its new IP address. (Retrospect still has the old IP address for this client, and can't seem to update it) I clicked on TEST and entered the client's IP address. That worked, since Retrospect reported that it found a client at that IP address. Ugly, but I hoped I had solved the problem. I was wrong. At the main client properties window, I clicked on the General tab and then clicked on the Refresh button. Client status is STILL NOT CONNECTED. So I'm out of ideas, and of patience. What do I/can I do now? x509
  7. Lennart, Couple of points. Ever since I upgraded to Retrospect 11, I have to reboot my system once Retrospect has run a backup. It doesn't simply exit by itself. Last night I followed your advice and I got Retrospect to recognize the missing client. I started a backup script with that client and it started OK. That script involves about six steps, each with a different folder or drive on that client. Part way through the backup, the client went missing with a 556 error code. So what happened? Do I need to upgrade to Retrospect 12? x509
  8. I recently added a new laptop client. Two days ago I did some backups which worked fine. Today I tried to change the backup scripts but got this error message. I checked the client IP address in the Client Properties window, Access tab, and it matches the client's IP address, So what can I do so that Retrospect recognizes this client? x509
  9. I want to "forget" a client that is no longer in use so I can re-use the license, but I also want to keep the backup sessions from this old client in case I need to restore an old version of a file. Is this possible? x509
  10. Are you implying that this catalog is defective somehow. How should I recreate it? Lennart, I appreciate your reply. In the past you have been very helpful to me. x509
  11. Just one point of clarification, and I'm not taking sides in the main part of this post. In almost all software companies, the support organization does not write User Guides and similar materials. That should be done as part of the new product development process by a group that might be called "technical documentation" or "documentation" or something similar. x509
  12. Every time I try to groom a particulat dataset, using the Run Now option, Retrospect crashes. This behavior was true under Retrospect 11 for Windows and now 11.5 for Windows. Are there any workarounds? Is this dataset corrupt to the point that I can't do restore operations reliably? x509
  13. I need to groom the backup data set for my PROGRAMS drive. This is the backup set for all three systems on my LAN for Windows, executables, config files, program updates, etc. I set up a script and ran it immediately. As soon as the script started, Retrospect crashed. This happened three times. Now I know insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the outcome to be different. So what workarounds are available to me, so I can recover some needed disk space. My grooming policy for this dataset is: Groom to remove backups older than 6. I have a similar policy for other backup sets and I can groom those without any problems. Comments? Ideas? x509
  14. Can I script new volume creation?

    Guys, I read through your suggestions carefully and it seems that for what I want to do, Retrospect scripting won't save me any keystrokes. For a while now, I've been meaning to learn Windows PowerShell, and maybe this scripting need would be my first project. @DavidHertzberg: I'm originally from NY, NY, still carry a Metrocard in my wallet for when I'm in town on business. My programming skills go back to the days of System/370, with languages like Fortran and PL/1. Plus JCL of course.
  15. Can I script new volume creation?

    Thanks, but I'm "just a guy at home" with my little home LAN. My backup media is a 4 TB drive mounted internally on the system that runs Retrospect. I change out that drive once a year. If that drive starts to fill up, I will move some older months or quarters to a second 4 TB drive. Hitachi 7200 rpm 4 TB drives are about $180, so that's my annual cost. For the rest of your post, it all seems very relevant, as does Mayoff's. I have to print off this thread and study the posts in detail to see how I can implement one of these procedures. Thanks.