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  1. David, This approach does sound nice, but I am still on Retro V.12 (Windows). My plate is way filled right now, so I was planning to do the upgrade to 15 probably in mid-July. Believe me, with the 1803 update from Microsoft, it's knd of urgent that I uprade to V.15. About EU and GDPR. Even though I live in the USA, I'm sure that I will benefit at least somewhat to the GDPR, and that's a good thing. /rant Here in the USA, users are treated only as commodities, as revenue sources, and to the devil with issues like data privacy or security breaches. When Equifax announced that they had been breached and all the data of 143 million Americans (almost half the total population of the USA), had been stolen, including Social Security numbers, there was some grumbling,. But no executive has been charged criminally, the company hasn't been fined to the tune of multiple billions, and life goes on as if nothing had happened. Or we can talk about the corporate strategy for disregard of user privacy at Facebook. Willful disregard. And aside from some handwringing and a few critical blogs and such, nothing has happened to them, Zuckerberg completely snowed Congress in his testimony and no one has called him out. rant/ x509
  2. Thanks all. To retrieve files from the actual tapes, I have to rehab a really old machine that has SCSI support, etc. Probably in July.
  3. While doing the Grooming operation that Scillonian recommended to me recently, my Win 10 Pro system blue-screened (very rare) such that the backup set was corrupted. So I deleted it and restarted the PROGRAMS script with a fresh copy of the dataset. LAN client APH was the first sytem to be backed up. Retrospect Server APH was the second system to be backed up. Note that here, the UEFI system partition was also backed up, but was not backed up for client APH. Do I need to change any configuration parameters? I assume that without UEFI System partition being backed up, I could not do a full restore of the client. Is this correct? x509
  4. Done. Is there any way to delete just selected files or folders within a snapshot or session?
  5. Scillonian, I'm impressed. The same day I had the "resolved containers" issue come up, I had done a copy of the entire volume in the DELOS client as the source and onto another HDD, using MiniTool Partition Wizard. I don't think that MTPW made any changes to the source, but I could be wrong. In any case, doing a volume copy is very infrequent for me, so that completely explains why this issue came up when it did, and not before or after. Much appreciated.
  6. Your report in Excel is exactly what I used to be able to do but forgot and want to do again. You have definitely taken a different approach than me, but I can't quite reproduce your approach and get the kind of report I need. I tried to follow your steps, but there is something missing. First I selected Session Contents from the Reports on the left-bar menu. This window popped up: So I selected 2018 PROGRAMS (which is the C: drive on my various systems) and selected one session. When I do a Print to a TEXT file, I get only a summary of the sessions, and it's in that ugly format with each entry entirely within the first column of the XLS spreadsheet. If I open up the selected session, I get this window. But, if I then click on SESSION CONTENTS, this window disappears and I'm back to this window. So near, but so far.
  7. Mayoff, Are you saying that if I have the right tape loaded into the tape drive, then I should be able to open up the rbc file directly from Retrospect? That would be much nicer than needing to rebuild each catalog by having Retrospect read through the entire tape. x509
  8. I'm also using I would be most happy if you could point out to me what I'm doing wrong. Also, could you post a snip from one of your txt files with 12.6. Using these old text files, I kind of like the idea of producing text files for some of my current backups. x509
  9. I need to restore selected files from these backup tapes done years ago with Retrospect 6. I'm running Retrospect 12.6.1. I need to clear out closet space. (Anyone interested in some old Exabyte tape drives. Send me a message if interested.) When I select one of these rbc files from within Retrospect, it doesn't do anything. However, if I select the same rbc file from Windows file explorer, and double-click on the file, or if I select a file and right-click OPEN, I can get Retrospect to display the Backup Set properties, so I can read the contents of any one session. (However, doing a print to text is unsatisfactory, as discussed in another recent thread where I am the OP.)
  10. Lucky_Phil This is a sample line from the txt file, AFTER I imported it into Excel. With the txt files from Retrospect 6, I was able to do a drag-and-drop right into Excel, widen columns, and have a very useable report. Too bad Retrospect crippled this feature.
  11. Lennart, You are probably right. x509
  12. Lennart, You are correct. The "resolved container" screenshot is from a script PROGRAMS output log. I have already rebooted the Retrospect host system and as I noted, that "resolved container" message has not appeared in subsquent executions of that script. So i'm OK there, but I'm wondering why that "resolved containers" issue every happened in the first place, and what I need to do so that it does not happen again. The manual does not explain any of that. Is this a bug, that I should submit to Retrospect support? x509
  13. Here is the PROGRAMS backup script. As I said earlier, I set up the script this way probably two years ago, and it has worked without any problems until two days ago. All my backup scripts follow the same approach:
  14. Ooops! Retrospect 12.6.101. I just looked at those pages in the Retrospect 12 UG. It appears that I have been doing everything OK. This screenshots shows all my source groups, with the Programgroup expanded to show each volume from each system. APHRODITE and DELOS are LAN clients. I set up these Source Groups probably two years ago now, so I could simplify each backup script with just the name of the Source Group and not all the individual volumes and folders:
  15. I got this message for the first time two days ago, as part of a scripted backup "Programs" to backup set "Programs." APHRODITE is one of my LAN client systems. Retrospect and all the clients are running Win 10 Pro 64, 1709. For both my desktop, which hosts Retrospect, and my LAN clients, I have various volume Sourcegroups consisting of either volumes or specific folders. Each sourcegroup has a different backup script and directed to a different backup set. Once I set all this up, I felt that i really had my backup strategy fine-tuned. Because of this "resolved" action, ALL these various volumes and folders got backed up into the Programs dataset, probably about 30 GB worth. As I said, I've never seen this message before, and i didn't see it with last night's (daily schedule) backup operation. So why did this "resolved" action happen? And how do I prevent it from happening again. Also, is there any way to strip out these unneeded volumes and folders from the backup set? Is that some kind of grooming action that I am not aware of? x509