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  1. I know that I have had to relocate backup datasets on several occasions. See this screen grab: For dataset properties, select the Members tab and then in the Member Properties window, just edit the location. However, one of the pleasant surprises in V16 (or was it 15) was that Retrospect is now smart enough to locate a backup dataset that is not in the "default" location. I recently had to work with several years of datasets for compression/grooming. I organize all my datasets by year. Each year gets a new HDD (until older years get really groomed/discarded and then consolidated onto one HDD). So I would place a drive, call it 2017 Backups, in my drive dock, so intead of G:, that dataset would be on drive H:, in my case. And shazam!, Retrospect just located the dataset without any further work on my part. I'm sorry that i didn't remember all this a week ago, but I've been busy trying to find toilet paper in the stores. Here is the drive dock I use: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GZHTNLD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It replaced a similar unit from Orico, which stopped working, and Orico didn't respond to my emails.
  2. Possible dumb question. Have you tried to change the location of the backup set using the Properties of that backup set, of course, while that backup set is not in use.
  3. x509

    Curious (spurious?) verify error?

    David, (catching up a bit here). DNG is a photo format introduced by Adobe. It's different from other "RAW" photo file formats in that it is OK for an application to write metadata into the DNG. The best practice for other photo RAW formats, such as Canon's CR2 and Nikon's NEF, is to never write any metadata into these files, except date corrections. Otherwise, there is the real risk that some photo editors may not be able to read a CR2 or NEF file. So whatever happened with the OP's situation, metadata isn't the issue. Phil Burton
  4. x509

    Groom only "older" files?

    Nigel, I stand corrected. Very corrected. If I did something like that, my SO would be pretty sore at me. I'm supposed to fix every obscure Windows (or Outlook or Word) bug that has ever appeared, is appearing right now, or ever will appear in the future, BECAUSE.
  5. x509

    Curious (spurious?) verify error?

    @jhg. Picking up on what DavidHertzberg wrote, were you running Lightroom and doing DEVELOP edits or updating metadata in LIBRARY while the backup operation was running? x509
  6. x509

    Groom only "older" files?

    David, Actually I don't insist on having just one DATA backup set. i have 2 for DATA. For about five years now, I have been doing a Yearly DATA backup set and Monthly DATA backup sets, one per month. I just went through all my backup drives (1 per year) from 2009 to 2014 (so far) and I have been dong pretty much what you said. (1) Groom the Monthly DATA to 1 copy (2) transfer the backup set to the Yearly DATA and (3) Forget/delete the Monthly DATA backup set. After a couple of years, this does get a bit tedious. However, the resulting Yearly DATA backup set is about 200 GB plus/minus, so I can now consolidate many years of backup onto just one drive. (Who knows? I might eventually decide I don't need backups older than say 8 years ago, but that's a discussion for another day.) Then I re-read the manual (v16) for Retrospect's default grooming policy and realized that the default grooming policy means I could simply my process. (1) Keep all Monthly backup sets for six months. (2) Transfer the Monthly backup set to the Yearly backup set. (3) Run a grooming operation on the Yearly backup set. (4) Forget/delete the Monthly backup set. IF, IF, IF Retrospect implements the features in the first post for this thread, then I could go to just one DATA backup set and simplify further: Since this is a home LAN, there are no auditors. 🤣
  7. is there a way to set up the Grooming option for a dataset that says: Keep all files until they are six months old. Groom to Retrospect's policy for older files. In effect, keep just one backup file per month. x509
  8. Is it definite that the OP never uses those systems on the weekends?
  9. rbratton, When Windows first starts up, the LAN may not be active. In my experience, with years and years of Windows networking, it is the most frustrating part of a Windows environment. Before Retrospect tries to back up the LAN client, I suggest that you first check if Windows on Computer A already detects Computer B on the LAN. x509
  10. x509

    Grooming Policy Too Simplistic

    Adding to an older post of mine in this thread, I think I found the source of many of those weird, transient files. A post on Tenforms.com suggested that I look at C:\Windows\servicing\LCU. There was one subfolder there, with a strange title that seemed to be a Windows KB article number. Inside were over 700 folders, with those weird names, with a total of 110 thousand individual files, for a total of almost 32 GB. All the files on my entire C drive, which is Windows and programs only, are about 127 GB, so this one maintenance patch added an additional third to the total storage used. Microsoft Update can't be turned off for Windows Professional. WU has weekly and sometimes more often updates, between Windows, Office, Windows Defender security and driver updates. I don't even use Windows Defender, but I get almost daily "definitions" updates. From a Tenforums.com thread, I found this link: https://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/windows-enterprise-desktop/when-disk-cleanup-fails-use-search/. This link includes a table of a bunch of different Windows and Windows Server folders that can safely be deleted, and probably can be excluded from backups. The folder I mentioned above is next-to-last in this table. x509
  11. x509

    Grooming Policy Too Simplistic

    David, I'm going to guess here that Support doesn't have enough in-depth knowledge of Windows.
  12. x509

    Scripts intact after drive replacement

    I didn't replace a hard drive, or more precisely a hard drive partition, but Retrospect still reported missing subvolumes. I had to temporarily resize my D drive, which is DATA, to fix a specific problem. I used a third--party partition manager, https://www.minitool.com/partition-manager/. (It's free for home use only, where there is no Windows server.) After running a partition resize operation twice using Minitool, one of my backup scripts reported errors because it couldn't find the subvolumes on D drive. it recognized a new D drive and greyed out the "old" D drive. I solved the problem by by redefining the subvolumes.
  13. MY ERROR. 😬 It's complicated. Or maybe not, but still overlooked. I FORGOT TO ADD /2020 to my source "TRANSACTIONDATAgroup." Having done that, this script works as expected. I was doing some experiments. Given my Source as a "group" it turns out I don't even need the "include" selector, just the two "exclude" selectors.
  14. I have a selector as follows, that pairs up with a script and a Retrospect of the same name: I just discovered that only the first three selectors actually result in files being backed up. My DATA drive filesystem looks like this in part: I keep all transactional-data type files in a separate folder for each year. Top level folders 2019 and 2020 are just normal Windows folders, and the selector script for each is the same. So why is this script NOT selecting folder 2020? (As part of my "data hygiene" I start a new TransactionDATA dataset every month, and then groom after six months.) I will just say that selectors have given me more grief than any other part of Retrospect.
  15. x509

    Grooming Policy Too Simplistic

    David, In my experience in my "day job" as a software product manager, some companies recognize the value of customer issues as a source of product improvement ideas, others not. As with everything else, it comes down to the attitudes of top management. In my case, I responded to tech support by suggesting this issue be submitted as a feature request.