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  1. x509

    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    Fair, but ouch! I thought about this for a while, but if I wanted to enable concurrent backups, I wouldl have to completely restructure all my scripts as well as my source groups, and every time I redo my scripts, I find an issue a few days later. I can live with the lack of concurrence on my four main backup scripts, because I know they work. Still, it's good to know that I can run a grooming operation, even more than one, at the same time I'm doing backups. 🙄 x509
  2. David, I am actually familiar with pcap, but it's not exactly easy to use. If the problem occurred more frequently, I might need to debug the problem, but even for my personal use (where I am the "IT guy" at home), I have a list of issues to address. Of course if this LAN client goes dark more often, then I will need to investigate. I appreciate the help, still.
  3. x509

    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    James, So "it's a feature, not a bug." So I just tried to run immediately some backup scripts that all work on different backup sets. I deliberately selected different Execution Units. Here is what I got: DELOS and APHRODITE are two LAN clients. The currently active script will back up from these clients. Is that why scripts Software Library and DATA are waiting? If so, major bummer. With some exceptions, all my backup scripts back up different files from both the server (this system) and the LAN clients.
  4. Lennart, Thanks, but Little Snitch runs on on MacOS, and all my systems, including the problem client, are running Windows 10. The problem hasn't occurred for several days now, and i'm still dealing with other Retrospect issues. Once I get them fixed, I am NOT going to pay for another upgrade unless there is a specific feature I need.
  5. x509

    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    This new "feature" would be nice, if it actually worked. But it doesn't. 😖 Yes, I can now assign different execution units to different backup scripts, but I still can't run two different backup scripts at the same time. And product management "reluctant" to tell Support about a new feature? In all my 30+ years of doing software product management, I was never reluctant to announce a new features, nor were my colleagues. So I'm going to guess, and I'm going out on a limb here, is that the multi-execution feature somehow "escaped" from the Programming group, who probably didn't communicate it to other parts of the company, including Quality Assurance and Support. Draw your own conclusions, and feel free to disagree with mine. x509
  6. x509

    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    If "Sally" is in sales, "she" is probably in the office only for the "annual sales meeting" and meetings with major customers. And if "she" is like most of the sales people I have known, she is not exactly "IT intuitive." LOL! So Sally and all her fellow sales people can benefit greatly from Remote Backup. By the way, Sally may travel across time zones, especially when she is visiting the home office.
  7. x509

    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    I recently upgraded to 15.6.1, and this issue seems to be resolved. x509
  8. x509

    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    About these multiple execution units. I thought it was a bug, so i submitted a trouble ticket (within my 30 days of free support). The support response was to ask me if I had ever run Multi-Server. Of course not! So he had me rename my configxx files to something else, and let Retrospect create new configxx files. Not only did that not fix the "problem" but I lost all my backup session history! So I undid the changes. My assumption, from the agent response, was that I was supposed to get only one execution unit. Now I'm reading that someone else had the same problem. In practice, I still get only one execution unit for backups. But if I'm running a grooming operation, I can in fact have multiple executions going at the same time. Since I didn't use any versions of 15 before 15.6, I don't know when this first appeared in the release, but all I can say is that either the Programmers or the Quality Assurance group didn't do such a great job. x509
  9. And tonight that same client is not throwing -505 errors. So you are right, there is some application that is monopolizing bandwidth, only I am unable to figure it out. So it's watch and wait time. Issue "suspended," not closed.
  10. x509

    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    Just an update. I just upgraded to on Windows 10. Since I did the upgrade, I haven't had any more of those mid-script freezes (that I got only after upgrading from v 12 to 15.6.0.) Mildly encouraging.
  11. x509

    Cloning a backup set to a larger drive

    I had exactly the same problem about a week ago, and I solved it by doing what UNIVAC did. Love the name. 😃
  12. Replying to DavidHertzberg, Thanks for the tip that I am still free to report bugs. I will definitely do that going forward. I checked out the link about the -505 error. No luck. The only "flash" software is a subfolder in the WinSxS folder inside the Windows main folder. I did a scan on the drive in the client system, but that did not fix the -505 error. x509
  13. Replying out of order to Lennart_T. My current version is I have set aside all afternoon to install the new version and to test out my five issues. x509
  14. Now my fifth issue with Retrospect 15.6. One of my LAN clients is inaccessible with a 505 error, client reserved. The manual says to to reboot both client and server, which I did. When I first started Retrospect after the reboot, the client was accessible. Five minutes later, not accessible. I should add that I started getting this error message ONLY after upgrading the client from Retro 12 to Retro 15 client agent. Both server and client are Windows 10 Pro 64, fully patched up. I can't file a support request with Retrosect, because they provide a measly 30 days of free support and I don't think I should have to purchase a support contract. As a private individual, that is simply not appropriate for Retrospect to treat me this way. x509
  15. x509

    Backups "freeze" part way with no error

    I started getting this client timeout issue, same as the OP and others, only after I upgraded from Retrospect 12 to 15.6. (And I'm regretting that more and more.) I'm posting this to offer "moral support" to everyone here. I will try out the new release in the next day or so, and see if it addresses any of my four outstanding issues with this damn 15.6 release. x509