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    7.7.341 keeps losing tapes

    BTW, different tape drives and interfaces were involved.... this affected a Quantum SuperLoader 3 LTO-2 SCSI autoloader as well as a Quantum Scalar i40 connected by SAS. Both controllers are ATTO.
  2. ernief

    7.7.341 keeps losing tapes

    I have the same problem and reverted to the previous 7.7 release as a result...
  3. All versions of 7.7 (including 7.7.208) are unable to log in to SQL Server Express 2005 servers to back up databases. I get an Authentication Error, whether I'm using my RBU credentials, SQL authentication, or type in the RBU info manually. The same setups work fine with the full (non-Express) version of SQL Server 2005. Something changed between 7.6 and 7.7 to break SQL Server Express log-in capability; it works fine on 7.6.123.
  4. ernief

    Retrospect 7.7.208 released

    Looks like the issue with SQL Server Express 2005 isn't fixed yet... I get authentication errors on every SQL Server Express box I have. Regular SQL Server 2005 works fine, though.