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  1. I'm moving my backup files from separate hard drives to a NAS server. In order to recatalog successfully it seems I have to consolidate all the .rdb files into the first directory, eg name/1-name otherwise it files to find the files in 2-name, etc. This has worked fine up to now, apart from one backup where recataloging fails to recognise the files from 2-name and 3-name now in 1-name. reporting a list a missing data files for the Backup set: How do I fix this problem please? Ian
  2. IanWorthington

    Missing members terminate backup set recatalog

    True. A few years back it was much better, which added value to the product. Unresolved issues such as this translate directly into loss of future sales.
  3. IanWorthington

    Selectors don't work very well

    Selectors *do* work more or less, but it helps to not make them too complicated. Or if you need complicated to separate them into separate selectors and then combine then in another. If you could give some more information about what you've got and why you think it's not working maybe someone copuld help you. i
  4. IanWorthington

    Missing members terminate backup set recatalog

    Well, this sucks. Support on this forum used to be really good. What happened? i
  5. IanWorthington

    Missing members terminate backup set recatalog

    Anyone from support out there who'd like to comment on this??? i
  6. I have several backup sets spanned over two disks. The second of these disks developed a fault but i was able to copy to a another disk almost everything except a few members. However attempting to rebuild the catlog so that Retrospect knows that some stuff it thought was backed up actually isn't I find that Retrospect ignores all members after the first missing member. Is there any way to get Retrospect to cope more gracefully with missing members? i (Retrospect v7.7)
  7. IanWorthington

    Sparse and "barely-changed" large file support?

    That's great news, and a real reason to upgrade. Thanks for the update. ian ...
  8. IanWorthington

    Error -1102 after repartition/relabel

    Thanks Nate, I'm breathing again. Ian ...
  9. IanWorthington

    Error -1102 after repartition/relabel

    Hi Nate If I do that will it still do incremental backups? Or will the next backup be the full works, duplicating everything it already has on the backup volume? Or the later is there anyway to patch it to let it know its really the same disk? Thanks, Ian ...
  10. IanWorthington

    Error -1102 after repartition/relabel

    I recently repartitioned and relabeled my hard drive and now get: Can't access volume Drive C (C:), error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable) when I try to run a backup. I tried relabeling C: back to "Drive C", but the error persists. How do I persuade Retrospect (6.5) that this new C: is really the same C: it knows and loves? Ian ...
  11. IanWorthington

    network places backup problems

    Thanks goawest, this should be put in a sticky, or documented somewhere. I've just spent ages trying to figure out what that "Can't grant necessary user privileges" was trying to tell me. In summary folks: 1. Go to System Properties, select tab Computer Name, and copy the Full Computer Name into the Log on to field. 2. Go to Computer Management, select Local Users and Groups, then Users and copy the appropriate Name (*not* Full name, if different) to the User field. (Note that its the Full Name that displays on the top of the start menu and in the Control Panel User Accounts, so check this one if you're having problems). 3. Enter the password.
  12. IanWorthington

    Location of Retrospect .IDX files

    Do you have AOL or Arcview? http://filext.com/detaillist.php?extdetail=idx&goButton=Go ian
  13. IanWorthington

    Extending a disk-type backup set after its been marked full.

    It only took a few minutes, no big problem. I have a one-to-one correspondance between script and backup set so that was no big problem either. I'm happy Thanks. ian ...
  14. IanWorthington

    Selector problem

    That would certainly explain it! Thanks guys. Be nice if Retrospect warned me that my syntax was invalid. Or, even better, supported it! ian ...
  15. IanWorthington

    Backup every few minutes.

    I haven't tried this so buyer beware, but if you make an external .rrr run script cannot you use the Windows scheduler to fire that off on a more frequent interval? ian