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  1. I have been using Retrospect since version 5.0. I now use version 8, so I tried to install Retrospect 6 on my wife's G5 running 10.5.8. Install went OK but the applications quits on launch. Installed 5.0 and it works. What am I doing wrong with 6.0? I used to use it on my G5 and it worked perfectly. Thanks in advance.
  2. same problem here. any ideas?
  3. bpressmd

    Scheduling window has no AM or PM

    Thanks for the suggestions! Problem solved; I use 24 hr time, so I didn't have AM and PM filled in for "Before Noon" and "After Noon" in the International settings window. Now I have AM and PM in my scheduling window. I have always had 24 hour clock checked in Date and Time prefs. Using 10.6.2 non-server. Thanks again.
  4. bpressmd

    Scheduling window has no AM or PM

    Thanks for the help; here is a screenshot of my scheduling window. Cycling through the time just gives me 12 options without AM/PM or a 24 hour option.
  5. bpressmd

    Scheduling window has no AM or PM

    sorry...how do I upload a screenshot from my desktop?
  6. I just started using Retrospect 8 for Mac and have the most recent version. When I try to schedule backups, the time window has no AM or PM notation, and I can't find an option to set 24 hr time. So how can I tell it to backup at 1600 (4 PM) instead of 0400 (4 AM?) What am I missing?