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    data.appclicks.com DNS

    The Event log is filling up with entries on an hourly basis. DNS is unable to find anything for data.appclicks.com, saying Event 1014 "Name resolution for the name data.appclicks.com timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded." (Google's and Preferences Execution General "Help improve Retrospect by sending anonymous usage statistics" is UNchecked already. Can this be shut off? Retrospect Windows 10 Pro 12/22/18
  2. bstaud

    data.appclicks.com DNS

    There are actually two issues here. 1. data.appclicks.com is failing to get an IP from DNS, so the data can't be reported, I would think this is of importance to Retrospect. Meanwhile our logs fill up with DNS errors. See attached file data.appclicks.comDNSerror.jpg 2. For those of us who have not signed up for it, how to make the "Console" or the beta "Retrospect Management Console" or whatever it is called nowadays,, shut up so the logs don't fill up. In Preferences the box is UNchecked, see attached fileDataManagementConsoleOFF.jpg.
  3. bstaud

    data.appclicks.com DNS

    In my version of Retrospect,, there is no option for "Console" in the Preferences as I know them, shown below: Perhaps there is somewhere else I am supposed to be looking?
  4. bstaud

    data.appclicks.com DNS

    1. Um, Houston, I think we have a new problem. At least in the URL from 2013 one got far enough along for the server to deny a connection. 2. In the present problem, DNS is unable to even provide an IP for data.appclicks.com, to wit: nslookup://data.appclicks.com;server=;debug=0;querytype=A Default server: Address: Server: Address: ** server can't find data.appclicks.com: NXDOMAIN Are they off the air? Out of business? Closed for the holidays? 3. The Event log says: 4. Furthermore Retrospect seems to be trying to send data and ignoring the UNchecked flag at the cursor arrow: Retrospect Windows 10 Pro
  5. Any good reason why the system.log should be filling up with entries every 3 seconds about pollForChangesFromSyncedCaller Is there any way to silence it? macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra Retrospect Client 15.6.0.(125)
  6. From the system.log: Nov 13 18:36:42 SHK Retrospect Menu[65592]: pollForChangesFromSyncedCaller: clientOnLocalNetwork = 1 Nov 13 18:36:42 SHK Retrospect Menu[63669]: pollForChangesFromSyncedCaller: clientOnLocalNetwork = 1 Nov 13 18:36:45 SHK Retrospect Menu[65592]: pollForChangesFromSyncedCaller: clientOnLocalNetwork = 1 Nov 13 18:36:45 SHK Retrospect Menu[63669]: pollForChangesFromSyncedCaller: clientOnLocalNetwork = 1 Nov 13 18:36:48 SHK Retrospect Menu[65592]: pollForChangesFromSyncedCaller: clientOnLocalNetwork = 1 Nov 13 18:36:48 SHK Retrospect Menu[63669]: pollForChangesFromSyncedCaller: clientOnLocalNetwork = 1 Nov 13 18:36:51 SHK Retrospect Menu[65592]: pollForChangesFromSyncedCaller: clientOnLocalNetwork = 1 Nov 13 18:36:51 SHK Retrospect Menu[63669]: pollForChangesFromSyncedCaller: clientOnLocalNetwork = 1 From the Activity Monitor: Retrospect Menu 0.3 0.93 4 1 65592 administrator 0 bytes 0 bytes 0 bytes 64 bit No No No 0 bytes 0 bytes 0 0 - 0 bytes 0 bytes 0 bytes 0 bytes 0 bytes No No Retrospect Menu 0.1 2:54.41 4 0 63669 Guest 0 bytes 0 bytes 0 bytes 64 bit No No No 0 bytes 0 bytes 0 0 - 0 bytes 0 bytes 0 bytes 0 bytes 0 bytes No No From ps -ef: SHK:~ administrator$ ps -ef | grep 65592 502 65592 1 0 6:34PM ?? 0:03.74 /Library/PreferencePanes/Retrospect Client.prefPane/Contents/SharedSupport/Retrospect Menu.app/Contents/MacOS/Retrospect Menu SHK:~ administrator$ ps -ef | grep 63669 201 63669 1 0 7:19PM ?? 2:57.14 /Library/PreferencePanes/Retrospect Client.prefPane/Contents/SharedSupport/Retrospect Menu.app/Contents/MacOS/Retrospect Menu
  7. bstaud

    Tools to change scripts automatically?

    Metoo. As a clunky workaround, for monthly or quarterly rotation, I have sets of duplicate scripts RED and BLUE with the alternate backup set names RED and BLUE, and defer execution on the offsite set for a year.
  8. bstaud

    Starting Proactive backup

    Proactive backup only runs in Normal mode. Does this mean a full/recycle backup also has to be run before starting proactive, to be able to do a complete current restore?
  9. bstaud

    Many Sharing Violations with v7.7

    "Employee" said > It appears that Retrospect isn't running from an account in the Administrator group. That is required in order to use Microsoft VSS to backup system state (including registry, etc.). On the "server" end or on the Client end? I am asking because some, not all, of the Clients present the VSS error.
  10. bstaud

    Many Sharing Violations with v7.7

    'bstaud', on 22 Mar 2013 - 4:11 PM, said: "Employee" said: See the comments above. Except that http://www.retrospect.com/products/win/addons seems to say that Professional does open files without the add-on [1] Separate Open File Backup add-ons are available for Server and Disk-to-Disk editions; Retrospect Professional includes the ability to protect open files on Windows desktops and laptops.
  11. bstaud

    Many Sharing Violations with v7.7

    I am going to try to resurrect this discussion because we have the same problem on several different client machines on several different sites, and I have yet to find a full solution. Mostly I want to name the suspects in my experience. 1) Norton Internet Security places peculiar file attributes on its files, and they always hit this problem. 2) For other files, whether Open File Backup is checked, without the paid Add-In being in place. 3) For some machines, VSS in Windows gets its knickers in a twist for reasons unknown. For similar entries in the Log, we use the exclude Selector to leave whole Folders out of the backup. Of course if they are really needed in a restore, well, too bad. Curiously, other machines at the same sites get through with zero errors. This behavior happens on XP and on Windows 7, on Retrospect 7.6, 7.7, and 8; on Disk-to-Disk and on Retrospect Pro. Of course, there may be different reasons on different machine/environments, but it looks like a more general problem affecting all of them. Hints about what to try next would be appreciated.
  12. bstaud

    System Error 53

    It happened to me today, as well. I agree, presently, you get no idea what part of the network connection is the problem so you are left to guessing, or in my case solving the problem some other inconvenient way. Dents my confidence in using Retrospect for my clients.
  13. "I will get the splash screen with EMC Retrospect- blue horizontal lines and it will just sit there." If this is the same as my problem, the Task Manager calls it the "Retrospect Monitor" (In Program Files it seems to be "Retrospect Activity Monitor") and it is useless, not allowing you to do anything. By dint of something like icon substitution, it is the only Retrospect thing that starts even when I click the "Retrospect 7.7" file in Program Files. So I am locked out of managing anything of Retrospect.
  14. "Can't access volume XXX on ZZZ, error -1101 ( file/directory not found)" is the log entry if the user on the Mac has not logged in to the user account. When logged in, Retrospect is able to see the machine. If user is not logged in Retrospect cannot see (Configure Client or Backup) the machine. It is the only Mac on the network; the others are XP & Vista, and they work just fine. Since when does a machine have to be logged in to be visible? What should I be looking for to fix this? Retrospect Single Server, V 7.7.325 (32) Windows XP SP3 RetroClient on the Mac 6.2.234; in /Library/StartupItems Client is on OS X 10.6.3, connected by Airport Extreme wireless Ping of course has no problem.
  15. TO al* 's question, FileVault is not in use. But for future reference on other machines, I do need to find out how Retrospect handles FileVault spaces. I expect it is discussed here on the Forum somewhere.
  16. Good suggestion, Lennart. Two more data points: A wired connection fails the same way the wireless does. Secondly,Retrospect can see another much older Mac (OS X 10.6.3, Client 6.2.229) on that wireless network even when it is logged out. The Retrospect website says Win Server 7.7 uses a newer Mac Client, 6.3.028, so I installed that, but the problem still exists on that one brand new machine. Groping for what might be different, the only candidate I think of is that the problem iMac also has VMware , but it is Quit at logout time, and Retrospect is only looking for the Mac Boot volume anyway.
  17. Plain ol' boot volume in a 24-inch iMac. No other disks attached.
  18. Windows Retrospect 7.7.325 32-bit Single Server. So I booted a client machine to the Emergency Recovery CD, (Version? the .iso date is 12/5/09) and got to the point where it says I am now running as (Our internal network is 192.168.4.x) However over on the Server, Retrospect Add Clients I get Error -530 client not found. I then rebooted this time adding a Broadcom Ethernet driver (for XP) and got the same result. So what am I missing here?
  19. bstaud

    Emergency Recovery CD

    Thanks, you are probably right about DHCP. We have only hard-wired IP Numbers. So more helpfully, the Retrospect 7.7 User's Guide Addendum should say that Emergency Recovery is depending on DHCP being available.
  20. This is probably more of a Symantec problem than Retrospect (7.7.208 on XP SP3), but they seem to be related. The machine runs for 3 or 4 days then freezes, with no messages in the Event Log. Nothing runs on it except FilemakerPro serving 4 users, and Retrospect, which backs up 5 machines. In TaskManager, I found that ccSvcHost.exe, part of Norton AntiVirus, accumulates Handles continuously, up to over 200,000 handles over four days, when the machine croaks. My theory is that it is scanning all the files Retrospect is backing up, but not letting go properly. The Synmantec forums are pretty know-nothing on this issue. So I uninstalled NAV and we are happy.
  21. Server 7.6.123 ; Client 7.6.106 Both are Win XP SP3 The log error is: T-32: MapError: unknown Windows error -2,147,217,406 T-32: W2dbWMIDbOp: pWMIRep->BackupREGDB failed, winerr -2147217406, error -1001 Can't back up WMI Repository, error 11297220 (unknown) There is a lot of Forum discussion about WMI error from back in 2008, supposedly cured by v.7.5.512 But we are on 7.6, so what gives?
  22. Retrospect Client running on OS X 10.1.4 So why does the process retropds.2 need to take 28-48 percent of my CPU time? Even when there is no backup running? (It used to be that pitond was a hog, and I would have to kill it.)