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    Can retrospect recover after error.

    Forgive the simple question. I have been using Retrospect 12 desktop for several years. I would like to know if something goes wrong can I just restart the backup and retrospect will just carry on. As and example if I rebooted my pc during a backup. I backup a raid 5 disc to a usb3 disk drive which take over a day to backup and I am afraid of accidently rebooting or if there was a power cut. Regards Trevor Harris
  2. trevorjharris

    Slow backing up 7tb

    I have Retrospect for Windows installed on an HP z800 workstation running windows 7 sp1 64bit. I have dual Xeon X5660 which has 6 cpus each with hyperthreading and 48GB of memory. I am copying from an 8TB raid array which has a speed of 635 GB/s reading 4k sequential according to crystalmark 5. I am backing up to an 8TB seagate usb 3 drive capable of writing 170 GB/s 4k sequential. I backed up 7098.3 GB at 2263 MB/min which took 2 days 6h and 33 mins.That is about 38 MB/sec which seems very slow. Is there any way of optimising Retrospect with respect of writing to drives. Regards Trevor
  3. I am running Retrospect Professional 7.6.123 Hot Fix 7.6.102 on windows xp 3 sp3. Pioneer BDR-202 v1.08 blu-ray player is not recognised as an optical device. The storage device is shown on the Enviroment tab and I have successfully calibrated it using a DVD+RW disc but the disc is not displayed on the status tab. Is there any way of making the drive work. Regards Trevor
  4. trevorjharris

    Pioneer BDR-202 not recognised

    I just upgraded to version 7.7 and my BDR-202 does seem to work. I have not fully test this but it does read a DVD+RW.